grafity is art too

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Trouble, Mar 13, 2003.

  1. When Im blasted out of my mind I start drawin in my pad when somethin is good enough I grab some spraypaint find the right sight for my artwork and spend a hole night just transforming a wall into a work of art I leave no evidence to get me busted and dont give them any reason to paint over my shit I've done 3 awsome jobs and 1 I fucked up on I gotta fixx it aint a crime till your convicted
  2. That's true!!!! I love desinging the lines I can spent hours and hours doing one little piece.
  3. yep... graffiti is with out a doubt one of the overlooked artforms.

    but there's a reason why it's overlooked. tags... the really crap little ones that just look sjit.. or people who haven't got the imagination or tallent to do anything good.
  4. yep..I love graffiti

    takes its own art form, and adds it with the suspense of doin somthin that you can get caught n get in trouble, gotta luv it.
  5. the only thing I hate about graffiti is I can never figure out what the hell they wrote on the's probably just me tho :p

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