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  1. I'm trying to learn how to draw/write with a graffiti type font. Just on regular paper. I haven't found a good tutorial or anything. Can anybody post links, or help out, leave some tips or something? thanks.;)
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    Just start off with really basic letters, and go from there. PRACTICE IS KEY!

    EDIT - You should probably Google "how to draw graffiti," because there's tons of tutorials out there. Of course, you have to come up with your own letters and your own style, so you're never going to find a step-by-step tutorial for writing a specific word or anything. Just choose a word and try your best to write it in bubble letters or block letters. Remember to keep the letters the same length and width if you can; this will help a lot with flow. Eventually you'll be able to change it up and throw in some add-ons and connections, and when you're done, put some 3D on that thing!

    Also, going on Youtube and watching videos of people sketching can really help you get the basic steps down. Just remember that you're going to be awful at first, but if you want to get good you need to keep trying new things and keep working at it. It takes time and effort but is totally worth it, because being able to draw graffiti kicks ass.

    Oh, and DON'T COPY PEOPLE'S WORK! Whether you copied an entire sketch, or just a piece of a letter, copying/stealing (aka biting) is really looked down upon in the graffiti community and other writers can lose a lot of respect for you because of it.

    Good luck man! :)

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