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  1. alright so its summer and ive kind of gone on a graffiti binge with a couple friends, tagging and what not and i've done probably 10 tags around my city for fun.
    well i did a tag the other night and i guess it turned out to be on the back garage (in an alley) of someone that doesnt like me's grandparents (long story) and i guess they told them who i was (my tag is real simple and its pretty easy to know its me it says "get lifted" and thats also my profile on AIM)
    anyway, if i get rid of all my spraypaint and everything so i have no there anyway they can prove that it was me who did it?

    btw i dont condone vandalism of any kind, it just fun and my tags actually look half decent, the alley is also full of tags so its not like im doing something THAT bad...

    thanks gc, stay high
  2. dude, youre fucked.
    nah im kidding. you'll be fine. you cant be charged for vandalism unless you admit to it or are caught in the act. someone simply accusing you isnt enough of a case.
  3. that's why you don't write shit on people's personal property. that's like an 'un-sayd- graffiti law to all writers.

  4. lesson learned lol
  5. your a stupid stupid man who deserves to get caught being so bait and obvious.

    people like you bring bad names to graffiti :)

    try to think of another name other than msn names.

    Sorry to sound rude, not meaning to be, you cant get fucked unless they catch you or anything true, but if they get told its you they will watch out for the tags around, and if done enough damage around they'' think about raiding houses for paint and sketches.

    They do that this side of the water anyway.

    think of a new tag and you'll be fine! Good luck soldier! :cool:
  6. Don't make it so easy for someone to link the tagging back to you... Just in case someone actually does. :p

    I don't know, but getting rid of all your shit is a good first step. Maybe change your aim profile too.

    Consider going to those people and offering to clean it up... since they already know you did it. Might save them reporting your ass to the cops.

    You don't condone vandalism of any kind... just vandalism that you think looks half decent and vandalism that happens to occur in an area thats already considerably vandalized.

    I'm thinking of a word that begins with H.
  7. if it was a lesson learned u wouldnt of said lol its not funny its stupid and thats why people who write graffitti like myself and the person above u get looked at like criminals
  8. oh and please.. please.. if your interested in graffiti, dont go and scribble some lines and shit on a wall.

    graffiti and tagging are two very different things. No offence, sure there are some sick taggers out there, but compared to actual peices, i could probably tag with my nuts. Real talent in productions and peices.
  9. If you graffiti just like some of us here on GC no doubt do (me included :D) you dont graf on someones garage door! thats a big no no if you are a true stylist and want to show your form dont tag "get lifted" get one word hapnin for u that u can change style easily and do practise and practise then go buy some of the best brand paint in ur shop (i pay $22 a can AUS) and go nuts BUT NOT PEOPLES PROPERTY. council property. signs. bullboards. what ever. the bigger, the more colourful the better. The 2 above me are exactly right

    if it was a lesson learned u wouldnt of said lol its not funny its stupid and thats why people who write graffitti like myself and the person above u get looked at like criminals
    -quoted from zach for the truth!!!

    in the end run. DONT STENCIL. DONT DO SHIT TEXTA TAGS. DONT DO FRAZES. but then each to their own.

    The Duck.

    EDIT- just do what you love :p
  10. So very true
    you deserve what ever you get
  12. The only two words i come up with were Hypercondriact and Hypocrit and only one fits here...
  13. first rules of graff are dont put your "name" in your tags or anything that can identify you

    (not seriously calling you dumb because obviously you just tag for fun)
  14. I dont mean to Hi-Jack this thread in any way but i love my huge ass pieces so whats the biggest someone has done on here? ne pics btw? thats a stupid q i probs wouldent post my pieces ^_^

    The Duck.
  15. Dude, you don't fuckin hit peoples property, wtf is wrong with you?

    There is no evidence it's you, keep paint off your hands, don't keep large amounts of paint at home, don't say anything incriminating, and don't write ANYTHING that they will see so your handwriting can't be identified. Mostly just use your head, you don't have to make us thoughtful lowlifes look like QUITE the size douche you are...
  16. This shit is funny. i said my bit now i just want to watch the burning finish.. or will it?


    The Duck.
  17. there is a graffitti thread on here and theres some sick pieces and freights on there but it pops up once in awhile otherwise i can never find it

  18. they dont "KNOW" shit, they just think they know cuz someone told them
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  19. I didn't realize graffiti writers were such an angry group of individuals.

    Pick up a fucking pencil and a peice of paper, or get a canvas of your own to spray-paint your art onto.

    Then maybe, I don't know, you could fucking sell it?

    Maybe if you were making money you wouldn't be so jaded by some kid spraying some random wall that's already covered in tags.

    None of this is directed at the OP, but rather all those angry individuals who responded to him.

  20. No one's angry, we just have brains and respect; things the OP appears to lack.

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