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Graduation Present

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dtop648, May 27, 2009.

  1. So today im heading down to Secrets one of my favorite head shops in the
    Chicago area. I'm planning on picking up a new grinder casue my old one is shit. Any suggestions on which brand to go with. I was thinking space case but I'm open to suggestions.

    Also, I was looking to add to my glass arsenal. I already have a chillum, bubbler, and accesibility to a dope bong so I don't really know what else i need. Vapes are a little pricey so I was thinking a thick, quality spoon would be nice. NEways just wanted to hear what you guys thought. Thanks
  2. i really like my glass top sharpstone grinder.

    its cheaper than a spacecase, and i have not had the metal shavings problem that some do.
    the keif screen works realyl well, and it grinds up my trees just right.
  3. buy a spacecase...lasts forever and its the best. people dont even argue about it. pricey but one time..

    buy your own bong will change everything
  4. a sweet and original spoon is great to have and it should be unique to you. i want a spiral glass bowl they sell in the shop
  5. Spacecase or Sharpstone, you can't go wrong. I personally like the plain two-piece grinders they have the best; no crystal-catching screen. I use a Wikka Box and get bout 15x as much kief. Also, the two-piece ones are about half the price.

    If you're looking at getting more glass, try to think about how you smoke and where you smoke the most. If you smoke by yourself, maybe it's time to get a nice chillum. It sounds like you've got some wet pieces, so maybe you need a good portable spoon. However, you could just save some money to work towards a nice bong, or not buy any new glass and just buy more bud :smoking:
  6. are you getting something at secrects? Thats where I got my grinder it works like a charm when I use it (which is rarely tho)

    They have a great selection of pipes really you can never have to many of any smoking device even if it is the same name the way it hits can be different.

    I forgot the name of the grinder but they guy knows exactly what one it is, he showed it to me the diamond ones suck. He let me twist all of them and showed me how some cheap ones threads cross.

    They even have some awesome minibongs and normal bongs there I say go with the bong. My favorite investment.
  7. Dude skip out on the grinder and buy a bong. Owning your own will change your life.

    But, I can't tell you how to spend your money.
  8. go with a kannastore grinder
    very good.
    produces TONS of keif

  9. i own a grinder myself but I would suggest not getting a grinder.
    I dont want to get into a debate but if it produces tons of keif that is crystals your missing out on when your smoking the bud you ground up. Save your money use some scissors and spend it on a bong that will get your rippedd.

    I say go with the bong.
  10. Don't waste your money buying a Space Case at a headshop...go on eBay and buy a Sharpstone grinder with a keif chamber for $20, free shipping. I got an all black one with a carrying bag and keif scraper, and my old Space Case was $28 at a local head shop for just the basic, small grinder with no keif chamber.
  11. Secrets is so overpriced compared to some of the other stores in the Chicago suburbs

    lets see what you pick up though
  12. ahhhhhhh i remember,barely, the graduation present i bought myself. A sick ass jerome bubblah, and sick quality spoon from Austin blowers, and an OZ of some shoreline. I think i got around 4 g$$ when graduated, went to cali for a month and blew at least half there, was such a tight ass trip i now live where i used to vacation.

    CONGRATS TO ALL THE BLADES GRADUATING!!! The economy is down but keep your head up and dont be scared to spend some of that graduation $$$$, thats why its there. its the only way this economy will escape the hole its in.
  13. If you have less than a half oz and you smoke a good amount of bud then buy some ganj with your cash, well, that's what i would do
  14. SharpStone 4 chamber grinder.

    and maybe a sick bub? :confused_2:

  15. a little bit but i there is no selection like that around.

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