Graduation- Kanye West

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  1. Well the New CD leaked last week, and I've listened it over quite a few times now.

    It is a good CD, and doesn't have many flaws, but in my opinon isn't his best work to date.
    It's getting so much hype, but I still think its a toss up between Graduation and College Dropout.

    All the songs are good, but none really blew me away.

    Good Life, The Glory, Stronger, Champion, Can't Tell Me Nothing, Homecoming are all good uptempo fun songs.

    I'm not crazy about Drunk Hot Girls and Barry Bonds, which both sound unfinshed, and boring to me.

    Everything I am and Big Brother are both pretty good songs, but are more like slowjams.
    Sort of like Family Business, but not as well done.

    Overall I'd give the CD an A-, very good, not the best rap CD of all time.
    Nevertheless it's better than 50s Curtis.
  2. There's a huge thread on this already bro, albeit being a great CD.
  3. definitly kanye's worst album, but its still a good album
  4. i bought my copy today

    GO BUY THIS!!!!!! support good music!!!!!!!!!
  5. Im listening to it now, I got both Graduation and Curtis. Dont ask me why I got Curtis, I only listened to about half of it before I switched to Kanye.

    Graduation > Curtis.

    Graduation is a fucking sick album.
  6. Flashing Lights and Stronger are definitely the best beats on the whole cd. kanye is supposed to be some ultra amazing producer but I was not impressed by any of his beats or arrangements.

    Kick, Snare, Kick, Snare, Kick, Snare, Kick, Snare, Kick, Snare, Kick, Snare. Or Kick, Clap, Kick, Clap, Kick, Clap, Kick, Clap. Or Kick, Rimshot, Kick Rimshot, Kick, Rimshot, Kick Rimshot.

    And I only really like Stronger because of the Daft Punk.
  7. Sadly enough, I found this CD mostly brought up by the hype of the whole Kanye 50 thing. I really wish he had shined on this release, but in my opinion this release, along with Late Registration fall way below the bar that was set by College Dropout.

    I was reading last night about the major drop in sales in the Hip-Hop/Rap genre over the past few years and how the corporation heads were hoping this CD, along with Curtis would boost record sales, reviving the genre. Sad that the weight is on these two stars. Ive never really been a 50 Cent fan, but I thought College Dropout was amazing. This release felt like Kanye had dropped out of trying to make an amazing record. As stated before, some of the songs feel unfinished, unpolished, or other wise not up to par with his potential. I admire some of the experimentation Kanye has done with the sounds and the collaborations with varied artists but overall the CD really lacks that "special something."
  8. Keeping in mind I listened to this album at 5am this morning.

    My favorite song is "Cant Tell me Nothing"

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