Graduated Cylinder & Vial Bong

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  1. I got my hands on one huge graduated cylinder and a vial. I need to know how to clean it, (don't know what was in it), and how to make them into bongs. They're made of some half glass half plastic shit so I can either melt through or cut through. Lemme know your ideas.
  2. There's not much you can do, drill a hole I'd say
  3. Got to get a diamond head drill. If you try to do it without a diamond drill bit it's goin to shatter
  4. How did you obtain these, if you don't know what was in them?
  5. Sounds like he stole it from a Chem lab

  6. lol for real
  7. i love how one of the tags is stole haha
  8. Challenge Accepted.

  9. Haha that's funny, the glass should be fine after cleaning a couple times, glass is non porous so it won't soak any chemicals into it... Besides some acids. You cant melt a hole in it so don't even try.
  10. We wouldn't support someone if they stole a high-end bong, so I don't think we should support this kid.

    Also seems fishy that this poster is actually 18. Cheap equiptment like that is found in high school. At the university I went to all the beakers were either new or the professors spent time cleaning and sterilizing them. Even at the community college I currently attend we use either new beakers or everything is sterilized. So if I stole something like that I'd definitely have stolen a brand new one from the backroom or taken it off the table before class started.

    Anyways if the OP can show me a receipt I'll gladly tell him how to drill it, where to find some quality grommets, how to keep the downstem angled, and an easy way to make a stemline on the graduated cylinder.
  11. I stole them. I can understand why you wouldn't want to support me with this.
  12. + Rep for not responding with hostility. Although I don't agree with your choices I think you have potential as a good poster.

  13. hahaha chill response
  14. Lol. Right? He must be using something else to smoke currently. ;D
  15. haha stole

    epic tags
  16. Well because I love educating people on stuff that they should learn in school anyways I'll tell you and easy way to sterilize it from living organism assuming it was from bio lab. If it was from chem lab and there were chemicals put in there that could have possibly built up on the walls over time I have no clue how to remove.

    Just take some 70 or 90 percent iso and put it in there and swirl it around. Make sure to get all the surfaces in there. Pour out any alcohol that is pooling up, and then let it dry do not wipe it down. The iso is toxic to most living things but as it evaporates it takes all the water with it, and water is what organisms on earth need to live. If you ever use alcohol to sterilize something don't wipe it all the way off, just kinda thin it out and let it evaporate. It'll kill most of the organisms living on it just by evaporating, thus you never need a lot of alcohol to kill of bacteria.
  17. lol, I stole a scale cylinders hydrochloric acid barium all kinds of shit in 9th grade haha. Get a "glass & tile" drill bit at the hardware store, they will be diamond tipped. get a little one to start the hole then a little bigger then dget one thats around 12-15mm to put a slide in there. drill very very slow and underwater is best.
  18. fill it with sand while you drill it with a diamond drill bit(it evens the surface pressure out)
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    I really appreciate all the feedback on this. Obviously new to this site with my post count :p But I didn't know how the community worked. Wasn't gonna start a fight on my third post, and I'm a pretty chill person anyway. I understand why you wouldn't want to help me, thanks for the responses.
  20. Anyone else see the possibility for that graduated cylinder to turn into a wicked gridded stemless. Whenever I am shopping I am always on the lookout for glass like this to make a nice DIY.

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