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  1. I'm a college junior and I'm probably gonna graduate in a year and then I'll have to find a real job. I'm sure there's tons of opportunities for computer science but I'm afraid that I won't know what I'm doing and I'll just get fired. I've never had a "professional" or full time job. I'm just a baby! So I'm wondering if any one else feels this way?

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  2. Getting a real job is scary. FINISH school. You didnt study for 3 years to quit. You can do this
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  3. Finish thru with it... it's either computer science or mcdonalds you choose

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  4. You'll regret not finishing.
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  5. You got this far, you might as well finish. Don't stress the job thing too much; I've never known anyone who worked in just one single job for their entire life. It's the end of school, not all changes ever to come in your life.
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  6. Finish that bitch. I've been working hard for years and have never seen above 16.00 hr.

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  7. This 100%

    I graduated in the middle of my junior year due to a state exam that let's you exit with the equivalent of a high school diploma. It wasn't too hard honestly, and after that I didn't do much for the next half year but smoke pot and sit on my ass playing video games. Then I started community college and I just didn't really give it my all, and no excuses, but it was and still is a struggle for me.

    I would recommend staying in highschool, don't go to a charter school to finish on independent study so you can stay home and smoke, don't drop out and get your ged. Stay in school, try to get good grades, and at least graduate with a diploma. I know people who do well after dropping out and getting their GED, but I don't think it's a great first choice.

    By the way, you gotta be 18 to use Grasscity man. And saying you're a junior in highschool makes it seem like you could be 15-18. Not saying you can't be 18, but it just looks suspicious. Not very many 18 year old juniors in high school.

    But I know of people who went to a traditional highschool until they were 20... super, super senior.. (retook 2 years)

    To sum it all up, stay in school, and drugs are bad mmkay. Always put school before getting high. Take it from someone who learned the hard way, you can function high, just not 24/7
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  8. Also, computer science might not be the best choice. I don't want to shit on your dreams, i really don't man, but I know people who work with computers, and they work A LOT. Sometimes they might make money doing nothing from home, but when something needs repairs or to be set up, they work for hours on end, doing boring, tedious work.

    Plan out your schooling path, I would suggest going to a community college then a university if you live in the states, and I would look online to see what transfer requirements are for different programs, plus the requirements for certain degrees you'd be interested in.

    Just my 2 cents, good luck man

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  9. You are not a baby. You are a grown ass person with grown ass issues. Finish your degree, if you don't you'll regret it for the rest of your life.
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  10. leave with as little debt as possible. if that means pulling out early, PULL OUT EARLY. your choices now affect your decisions later.
  11. My parents are still paying off thier student loans 35 years later

    there's certain accidents where you may be drunk and on drugs.
    but it's going to happen weather you are or your not
  12. No are NOT a baby and it's high time you started acting like the adult you are growing into. You get where you get in this life because of choices YOU make. No matter what your wants or dreams might be, the fact of the matter'll have to be able to support yourself at some point in your it or not. If computer science is where you've devoted your time and effort in higher education, then the first thing you do...WITHOUT finish what you've put all this time and money into. Everybody feels uncertain when first starting out in life, so don't think you're different than anyone else. Finish your degree and get a job. If you're not happy, then develop another plan and carry it out. But, for goodness sake, don't start your life off being a sorry QUITTER!!!! Take the skills you've developed and move on to something else if you're not happy with your chosen field, but don't leave yourself sitting there with nothing because you couldn't get up the courage to finish what you started!!! It's time to grow up buddy. Getting to be a "baby" lasts for only a short period of time!! TWW
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  13. No, OP. Nobody else has fears, trepidations, concerns, or stress about their lives.

    Honestly, WTF? Everyone feels the same way, but WTF is it about millennials that make them think it only happens to them, or that theirs is more precious and unique?

    Go fucking live your life and try to do the best you can. We're all making it up as we go along, there's nothing unique or special about you.
  14. He's in college read the OP
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  15. Reading the op can sometimes be constructive

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  16. I'm not going to quit I was just kind of joking but I appreciate the advice guys. Also I don't think I'm precious or unique I was just trying to get some other points of view I guess.

    Full story, I switched to comp sci from another major and I failed a few classes when I started out. So I'm just starting to understand things and I am nervous about how long it'll take me to get it on the job. And yes I know I'm not a baby lol let me hold on to my inner child

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