graduate (ME) invited to a high school party?

Discussion in 'General' started by SmokeTwoJointz, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. should i go im a HS Grad and got invited to a junior and senior party?
  2. When I was 18-20 I frequented many a high school parties, but I was friends with the guys and there were a lot of people my age there.

    If it seems like it's going to be a good time I say go for it.

    Being 23 I'm well passed the age where it would be appropriate for me to go to a high school party, however, I'm not against high school girls coming to other parties I'm attending. :cool:
  3. dirty dirty pete :)
  4. If you're over 21, no.

    If you're under 21, enjoy easy high school girls. Just make sure they are 17+ (or 16+ depending on your state's laws)
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  5. ahahahahahahahahahahahahahah easy high school girls eh.............ahahahahah so true, and yet so awful. Life sure is great.
  6. Like some others have said, if you're under 21, go for it. If you're over, probably not. I graduated in '08, and I'll still go to a silly HS party if there's nothing else going on, or if it seems half-way interesting (most aren't). It's kind of interesting to see people doing exactly what you used to do in High School.
  7. Man, I feel you there. You feel awkward, and you have that mature sense that says "Damn, I feel bad for these girls dads" and shit.

    I personally only chill with people older than me. Younger crowds are the more Immature about life and its responsibilities.
  8. ehhhhh. After high school I didn't really fuck with HS parties. Usually it just ends up being stupid childhood drama. Fights, cops, arguments, Lil Wayne, etc.

  9. LOLLL qft.
    1. people always tryin to start a fight
    2. cops cus everyone loud as fuck, although any neighbor should clearly hear them.
    3. lil wayne.... cant even tell u how many arguments ive gotten into w/ kids claiming 'Lil wanyes number 1!!'

    idk high school parties can be tight, just all depends on the kids there.
  10. Yeah, if there's a big maturity gap, you probably wouldn't want to go.
    But if they're only a year or two younger than you and they don't act like a bunch of kids, it's probably cool.
    If it seems lame, immature or like cops might come, exit.

    But be aware a voice in the back of your head will be like... "Where are that girl's parents at?".
  11. Sometimes but everytime I do all the people bug about how to get an mmj card and If they can hop in on the sesh. I have no problem with that but when they start buggin' or the drunk kids start getting a lil too comfy around me the problems start. The last one I went to some kids tried to fight me and steal my herb -_-, I was soooo high I just laughed at them trying to grab onto my waist and hitting me in the back while I was walking out the door I didnt want to hurt any of them because they were around 5'5-5'9 100 pounds Im 6'4 210 think about how that would look on a police report .
  12. Highschool girls are awesome, I keep getting older and they stay the same age!
  13. Dazed and Confused!!!!
  14. I graduated in April, went to the senior class party when the rest of them graduated in June, and haven't bothered with another high school party since. My friends went off to college and I moved to a new town so I just hit up the college parties now. Much better.
  15. It's acceptable on the conditions that you're a college freshman going to school in your hometown, and the high school party is that of your highschool and people you know are there along with several people in your grade.

    i think its in the bible

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