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Grades, School, Etc.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by flygreenbro, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. OK so i have been smoking for about 6 months and i smoke about once a week, though twice is fairly common also. I don't go to class high and i don't let it affect my school work, though my grades are getting slightly lower. i am not sure if weed has anything to do with this or if it is from other factors. can anyone help me out here? can weed make you less smart?
  2. As long as you put school work before smoking and shit, no it shouldn't effect it.
  3. You shouldn't have any problems if you do work as well as you used to
  4. yep, marijuana dosnt kill brain cells, so technically it has no direct effect on grades my friend, trust me, i just made honor roll :smoke:
  5. Nah it cant make you less smart but it can de-motivate you. It can only de-motivate you if you LET it de-motivate you. I use it to motivate myself. Kinda like reverse psycology. When I have homework or need to study (and im high) and I tell myself i'm going to do it later i stop and say "wait a minute weed is starting to make me slack let me get this done right meow!" although the true reason is because im just a procrastinator so weed has helped me defeat that problem cuz i dont wanna be that "typical lazy stoner."
  6. First of all, you smoke once a week.
    There's literally no possible way it could affect your grades.
    I smoke every day, and it doesn't affect mine.
  7. Smart kids that smoke weed... Honor roll
  8. HIGH honor roll. my report card actually says that

  9. Stopped reading. No way in hell it's affecting it.
  10. look at all these minors
  11. nope, the theory that marijuana kills brain cells and all government propaganda has been disproved.

    also, when i was in high school i was literally smoking day and night and i had straight A's
  12. you just gott get your priorities straight. usually when i smoke during the week its makes me more productive haha just because i make sure everything is done before i smoke. otherwise i forget shit. but ya sometimes i feel like smoking is making me lazier
  13. Weed affects everyone differently man. Take a break and see what happens. If your grades go up, then just quit man.
  14. I put school before anything else, and in fact marijuana helped me focus more, and I do my studying / homework more intentively. Either way, don't be that guy that uses weed as an excuse.
  15. School>Job>Life
    bro you gatta have some priority if you wanna grow up and be someone successful or just have money to blow on anything you want. Just take off toking untill your grades go up, and you'll know how to handle ur weed.

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