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Grade A Israeli Hash

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by bossman3, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone. wanted to show you what Israel's been working with recently! This is some Wax!

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  2. oo looks nice! whats the price run for that in israel??
  3. around 90 dollars/gram.
  4. Ayzeh yoffii. Medaver ivrit?

    For those who don't understand Hebrew I said wow that looks nice and do you speak Hebrew? I stay in Tel aviv/ rishon when I come and some of the Bedouin stuff is crazy.
    Nice looking stuff man.
  5. You said a whole sentence in 4 words? I hate other languages besides English

    .... Only cause they hard :(
  6. [quote name='"bossman3"']around 90 dollars/gram.[/quote]


    Looks like peanut butter fudge
  7. That's some fucking fire
  8. Yea that shit is definately grade high...
  9. Nice shit man. I would love to toke some of that.

  10. it looks like some corn bread
  11. That shit looks like its gonna be amazing.. so jelly right now.. dayum...

    also.. if you are not a girl.. for the love of god (doesn't matter whos god).. cut your finger nails.. please.. :D ...:smoking:
  12. 90 a gram for middle-Eastern hash?
    I thought the whole point of buying from the middle East was good quantity for not much money..?

    At least thats been my experience.
    Nothing's worth 90/g imo...
  13. 90 a gram? holy fuck lol
  14. Since when did they start making butane extracts in the middle east?:confused:
  15. it was around 350 shekels...and it wasn't made here. this isn't mine either. cousin lives in jerusalem and a friend of his smuggled it into Israel. don't know how or from where this originated.
  16. They didn't. They know how to smuggle it in though :)

  17. I have family in Rishon and stay with them when i come too lol tried some hash last time i was there
  18. יקר בארץ אני רואה. יש גם ירוק?

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