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Grade A Goodness

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ideal, Jun 19, 2004.

  1. I just picked up a half O of this stuff and at first the bud leafs looked black but they're a very dark green, and its caked in hairs, and its got alota crystals check it out first iv seen this kinda dark weed in my life
  2. i'd smoke it
  3. Jesus how do they let you post pics that size? I can even post pics 3 times smaller sometimes. Oh and by the way nice bud :)
  4. good looking bud...dude your room is such a bloody mess :D

  5. LOL its just that one drawer

  6. LOl yeah first of its kind in my area, hits really good,
  7. damn..messy ass fuckin droor...

    at first glance im like "ew" but it looks damn good up close

    with a pair of scissors try trimming the black leafy matter off of one bud , leaving the buds and hairs..Then take a pic

    when i tried that, it makes buds look beautiful

    btw, id put your spoon in a safe pouch, i can just see those scissors moving around in the droor and breaking that nice spoon at the middle
  8. if you host it on your own server, you can post pictures any size you want.
  9. ive had really dark green leaves before but not that much at all stuff looks good happy toking ;)

  10. yeah thnx for the tip about the spoon I totally forgot how anything metalic that is the least amount sharp can still shatter your spoon

    p,s I put it in my leather scale pouch
  11. Looks pretty awesome =) Might wanna watch the c.d player too - if my one gets the slightest amount of crap in it it screws up..
  12. I've seen some Cannabis of that colour of leaves before, it's nothing to worry about, but it's not neccesarily an indicator of quality either. However, I've never experienced any bad effects from darker leaves so - Congrats on your purchase.

  13. I think youll find a closer look reveals its a set of digi scales :p

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