Grade 8 Students Protesting

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  1. Eh.

    I find this kind of activism to be obnoxious.

    It's like putting tape on your mouth.

    It's not solving anything, and it's just kind of annoying.

    I get the point of it, but....meh.

    There is activism and then there is bitching.
  2. do the kids even know what they are protesting beyond the loss of teachers as unpaid babysitters...the teachers that make so little while being asked to do so much...

    more to this then just kids protesting...I'm sure those kids got their idea from an adult with something to gain or at risk...and it wasn't a teacher.

  3. Agreed, why should teachers be required to do so much on their shit pay..
  4. Let the school board and parents stand in for all the ofter hour activities, the school board members make more than enough to warrant their working after hours and the parents/grandparents can get off their asses and take part in their kids education (if they can afford too of course, some homes have every adult working overtime to afford the poverty life style they are stuck in while some 'bosses' make 100x the wage)

    I'd give them 100% for the 8hours a day m-f (40hours) I am paid for, after's my time, not the schools.
  5. Those kids WANT school?!?! I would have been all for missing school.
  6. Im with the other blades. This shits just political plays by a group of adults with something to earn.

    We had the tape over your mouth protests for gay rights or someshit a few times when i was at school. Id generally do something like put tape over my dick so when someone with tape would point at my mouth like "wheres your tape"

    I could pretend i was talking and just point at my dick then have a lol at that persons expense and move on with my day.
  7. You crack me the fuck up. :laughing:

    Yeah, activist kids are obnoxious.

    It's all a grab at attention.

    "Look at me look at me! I am being an activist for a cause!"

    Nice. We all have causes. Go do something important about your cause. That tape over your mouth is doing nothing.
  8. haha ok
    well i wasn't exactly pointing to the cause of there movement, more at the actual idea of 13yr olds getting together as a rather large group (considering their age) and voicing (no pun intended) their opinion.
    While they may be acting as babysitters, keep in mind what being a teacher entails taking your class on field trips. It goes along with the whole principle of being a teacher, atleast from what i remember school being like. Also keep in mind where you are commenting from...Missouri. In Ontario, teachers get a good salary, and one of the best pensions in Ontario(maybe even Canada).
    I fully agree about the school board, their profits and about family helping out. I can't think of what to say to either of these points other than present that idea where it can heard properly.

    Again it is more about the young people thinking collectively and perhaps changing their perspective on the world. I'd bet in, say, 10yrs these kids(in the article) are more likely to voice their opinion in a protest than others the same age. There aren't enough protests in NA.......i think is what im trying to say ahhahaha

    All i got was cynicism from this thread, try being constructive instead. Pot makes me so :smoke:
  9. I remember there was supposed to be a protest my sophomore year because of cuts in the arts for sports or something and a most people just went in to school. Me and some friends stayed out anyway and just toked. Twas a good statement.

  10. Fact.

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