Grad Night drug of choice?

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  1. So Friday night is my grad night. Its out in this open area for us to just socialize and do shit from 9pm to 6am. LOL and they expect us to stay sober for that time? So im trying to decide what to do. I cant get caught though being too fucked up. Im thinking taking 3 rolls with me, and pop em one at a time. I was also debating on getting 6 klonopin and making it last throughout the night. What ideas to you all got?
  2. Rolls are great at a social event, especially graduation :)
  3. haha i was gunna say the same thing. Eat some beans:p
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    Me and all my friends got rolls,ketamine,and nitrous for the graduation ceremony.
    Im not graduating cause I dropped out and got my GED but its all my friends graduation.

    And for the party after booze, bars, hydrocodone and some Tussionex

    congrats on graduating
  5. Oxycontin is always great haha
  6. I just got smashed but ecstasy wouldnt be bad either
  7. That doesn't sound fun at all.

    Blow it off and roll with your friends.
  8. Oxy's. 2nd best would have to be pot brownies!
  9. i'd do oxy's man.
  10. get some good rolls and a vikks vapor rub inhaler and wtf ur just going to be chilling in a big empty room lol if its outside bring some weed:smoking:

  11. this right here:smoking:
  12. im getting rolls :)))

    yellow ladies to be specific, and i think ill cruise by the clinic and get some edibles:D:D:D
  13. Honestly, can anyone tell me when they had a bad time on oxycontin? Doubt it! How can you have a bad time when you're careless, numb, and noddin! haha :hello:
  14. E and edibles is fucking crazy man.
  15. Ecstacy would have to be more second choice, whats a better way to spend the last days of school, then smiling, laughing and loving everyone haha
  16. I had such a fucking good time last night. They had a DJ playing electro house! I was getting off the bus and the edibles and rolls were kicking in, herd bass off in the distance, and went nuts.

    Blue Micky Mouse are some bomb ass rolls too
  17. Damn I had a great night too.

    started with some rolls. then some k lines and nitrous. when i did that nitrous it sent me to outer space.

    Then a oz of tuss and some xanax and hydrocodone pills.

    Just woke up.

  18. Jesus fucking Christ dude

  19. get the rolls, and pop them

    u should bring a 4th, maybe even a 5th if u're going all night

    and also weed, some beers might have to be in order, too
  20. :cool::smoke:A nice ball of blow would be nice, and a oz of some headies, and a bottle of patron platinum makes for one hell of a night. :smoke::hello:

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