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Grabbing an Ounce

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by AnimalCollectEV, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. Hello everyone, I just picked up an ounce of mids for 125$ but I only smoke about once or twice a week so I'm curious as to how long it will last me ( any input would be helpful ), also usually when I do smoke it's with about 2-4 people including myself. Also do you guys think that's a good price? OH and one more question, whenever I buy I usually cook my dealer some seafood and smoke him up just to be courteous since I'm usually nice in general, is this a bad idea? ( Am I being to nice? )
  2. he probably loves it when you cooked his stoned ass say that would last you a few months
  3. Lol I make Crab legs with salmon and scallops, I was just curious as to if you guys thought I was being over generous with my dealer, and also do you think it'll really last me a few months even when smoking with a bunch of people each time?
  4. Well...

    figure 4 people smoking 1 time a week so 1 session a week

    If its mids you'll probably need 1g each person so figure 4 grams a week

    28 grams , 4grams a week = 28/4 so 7 weeks it should last you
  5. if you're nice to your dealer...he will return the favor...and yea anywhere between 6-12 weeks

    if it was me it would take a week or so :smoke:
  6. Alright thanks sublime, that's actually the perfect amount of time imo, also any suggestions on how to keep it fresh?
  7. keep it in an airtight mason jar or at the very least some tupperware... 125 is a pretty average price ..
  8. So just some airtight containers from my kitchen will do the job right?
  9. yea...mason jars are the easiest and best but anything airtight will work good...dont keep it in a bag tho...u will lose trichs
  10. Alright cool thanks a lot for the input guys =)

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