Grab yo' GasMasks.... n' STICKY!

Discussion in 'General' started by AimedForDeath, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. Yeeeaahhh.. dope boy- doe da dope boy fresh.
    I love smokin' outta this thing.


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  2. ha ha ha, what would you think if you drove by somebody, looked in their window and saw that, ha ha ha

    whats with the mgd label on it?
  3. woord son. thats a dope mask
  4. driving blind..thats the smartest idea ive heard since ghost riddin that whip
    but it still looks tight!
  5. LOL, driving around town with a gas mask bong on. Nice. +rep
  6. Theres stickers on the mask's eyes and i don't know why, people like to put stickers on things. There's actully 5% on those windows but it doesn't show up, plus theres only a wee bit on the front window that isn't tinted, its stripped up top and on the bottom, no one can see in. We weren't drinking blind or ghost riding the whip haha. We we're sitting in front of my buddies house chonging down, we had to roll down the windows becuase it was TOO smokey in there, that was a first.


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