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  1. So after finishing my veg box last week, and I now have 2 seeds in paper towels. I decided its time to start building my U-ScrOG setup since I was bored. I wasnt going to start this until late winter, but im starting some plants for a grow im seting up and i figgured, if i have a clone source i might as well use it for myself. I have a 70w HPS already remote ballasted. A 100w would be perfect but this will do for now. I just need to get a new bulb since I broke it. The box size is 14 1/4" wide X 15" deep x 27 tall. The first 3" or so below the shelf is going to be where I will keep my ferts, tools, and a few water containers.

    The box has a lock on it but i didnt get the key with it. I garbage picked it from down the block, so i made a ghetto key modifying a POS one till it kinda worked. I have to get the angle right till it clicks. I will work on the key again and make it work better. I aslo need to hook up a latch at the bottom and hook it upto the lock using braided steel wire. The lock is kinda like a deadlock, it slides up and down so i can attach a wire to the bottom part and have that work another lock to make it lock all around like a safe.

    The grow will be organic soil. with 2-3 plants for a super short veg. And maybe after a few grows, Step up to organic soiless. That's only if I can get a quiet valve to hook up to a timer to water on a schedule. And if I have room up top for a res.

    Im going to be growing around my parents and have done it before with good success, well... :) except when I screwed up like when I put a massive noisy Dayton fan on a small veg setup. So im not only going to have a carbon filter in the box but im going to make a large carbon scrubber disguised in a box to clean the air after I open the box and when im manicuring buds.

    Today I made it so the front comes out in one piece. This will make training the plants easy, and it looks original when closed. Im still not positive about the ventilation, I know I will be drilling two or three 3-4" holes with PVC elbows with the inside painted flat black as light traps. And I will use 2 80mm computer fans blowing into a carbon filter. I just haven't decided where to put the filter and fans. I could put the filter on top and do a super low ScrOG (option A), or build a 4" divider in the back (making it 11" deep) and make a massive good flowing filter back there (opt b). Or I can try and cram 2 filters each with its own fan on each side above the reflector (opt c). Or I might make it with a smaller filter box in the back top and have the light socket attched to the box (opt d). g

    I took a 60w incandescing light and put it inside and with the front locked to test for leakage. I didn't even access the light leakage yet I just wanted to see. There was allot of leakage from the top, where I can just caulk it up, the rest was from just the top shelf front where I will put some foam weather-strip and make the lock a bit tighter by putting a thin steel strip on the back part where the lock slides into. This should pull it in more and seal it up perfectly.

    I have 23” to grow in and so far I think im going to work it out with,

    7” soil
    5” to screen
    4” buds
    3” to light
    2” light
    2” reflector

    for a total of 23” perfect!

    This setup should yield around 15-28g in time for 4/20 with bagseed, and about an oz and a half after some work and good genetics.

    This grow should be up and running in about 5-8 weeks when the plants will be ready to clone and they are already sexed. But i will be updating as i build it every week or so. Next will be sealing up the light leakage including from the inlet holes i will make.
  2. box after one piece mod. Can you tell? :D

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  3. open box.

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  4. Here's a shot of the back of the front.... if that makes sense :) I used the back piece of the top shelf as the piece that joins it together and the screws from the top shelf. there was a 3/4high x 3" deep support in the middle of the 2 shelfs. So i had to trim it down to a 3/16 thick strip so it would be flush with the front pieces on the back, where the joining ply goes. this took me the most time since i had to jig up a circular handsaw upside down in a vice with wood clamped to be a fence guide. And on top of that i had to cut with one hand because the other hand was holding the trigger :O.

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  5. Just a pic showing where the inlets will be and where the storage area will be. And i forgot to mention there is an outlet directly behind the box.

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  6. nice, have you seen the link for the 70w micro scrog i posted in your grow box design guide? (i hope you dont mind it being all sticky) that reminds me of the grow that MrE did>....

    good luck with it all:D
  7. Yes some of those 70w setups were tight. MrE's was nice too but i think his carbon filter/reflector was too big. U scrog with a 70w will be so nice since the main problem with 70w is you need to keep all the buds within 6-7" to stay in the optimal lighting radius.

    I put some weatherstrip up and trimed it so you dont see it from the outside and it came out awesome. Only thing is the weatherstrip comes off adn rips easily. I was thinking of layinga bead of caulking on the jam and put plastic wrap on the door thatway i can close it, let the silicone dry, then peel off the wrap. I should end up with a perfectly casted seal. I dont think its going to work perfectly the first try, im going to play aorund with diffrent meathods of sticking the plastic wrap on first to get it perfectly flat.
  8. or you can buy waterproof rubberized weather stripping..... i used it on an expeirimental box and it works great! im gonna be using it one my new box.... (btw, im gonna be selling the other 2 boxes i have at the moment;))
  9. Can you get the ruberized strip at a hardware store? I used a foam strip one but it tore up. It has to be 1/4" wide max.

    John, please don't advertise, especially on mine. Put it in its own thread if you want. Some pics would move them allot faster.
  10. im not advertising (soory for the confusion), i was just pointing out that im gettin rid of the old and in with the new....

    and yes, its available at most large hardware stores.... im not sure if they sell it 1/4" wide though... i get mine 1/4" thick and 1/2" wide....
  11. Thanks i will go to the hardware store on monday.

    I already transplanted one seed into some compost with some vermiculite and the the other seed cracked last night. I will be transplanting it later today. I had them above the back of my bros monitor to keep them warm and it dd the job quickly. They are going to be moms so i have them in 4" square pots and the soil level is at about 3/4 so in a week or so i will top off the continer and burry it to just before the first node.
  12. sounds good... have you ever tried using jiffy plugs to start seeds and clones? i love 'em... but once a root pokes out i rip all the nylon off and plant it in soil.... keeps it really moist, and if your using hydro you can just break all the peat off the roots very easily.... just a suggestion...
  13. I just use compost from my pile since its free.
  14. im gonna try and start some clones in cleaned fiberglass insulation.... i read that BOG (of BOG seeds, best grower of all time IMHO) uses it now to start seeds and clones... so im gonna have a whack at it:D...
  15. good idea, i guess its kinda like rockwool only looser. anyways the plants are about 1" tall, there 1st set of fan leaves are about 3/4 tip to tip. The second fan lesves are statring to show about 1/16". I already choped the tap root of the one in a smaller pot since there going to be moms ( choping the tap root reduces potbound at the bottom).

    For the box i painted some 2 1/2" pvc 90 deg elbows for the inlet satin black to be light traps. The built in carbon scrubber box is almost done, i will post pics tomorrow when hopefuly the ventilation will be done. Then move onto electrical.
  16. excellent.... i wanna see the carbon scrubber box:D and did you use 2 90's to make the light traps? 2 or 3 works best, but one wont work too good.... post pics soon:D:D
  17. It will be 2 90s pve light traps but each one is separate not in a row. They will be pointed to the sides. The light wont be directly glowing on them. They will be under the drawer, so most of the light will be blocked from that. The satin black does a great job at stoping light anyways.

    I glued in the carbon filter box with liquid nails before going to work at 6:00 and it came out nice. So far ive made everything (once piece front and carbon box) using the wood from the top drawer. At the rate ive been working, this box should be ready to go in full stealth mode :D in about a week! The carbon scrubber box was the hardest part so far. Too bad my plants wont be ready to start cloning yet :( Updated Pics on tues. :D l
  18. arrrggg... i cant wait for pictures..... :p

    i really wanna see this carbon scrubber box:D
  19. Got allot done today, the carbon scrubber box is done except the fan and its filled. The power strip and ballasts are bolted down. I put the ballast and igniter in the carbon scrubber box so the heat is kept out of the box and so the ballast runs cooler with a fan blowing onto it (less heat gives less resistance which leads to more power) there will be a fan on each side of the light running on 9v so they will be quiet. The box is 4" deep so it cuts the grow space down to 11" deep x 14" wide which better suits the 70w hps's coverage area.

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  20. back exhaust hole.

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