GPWB a legit site?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by dankaholic256, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. GPWB a legit site? I know chunkyglass and EDIT are alright, but I haven't seen anything about this one yet. If anyone has experience good or bad, please let me know cuz I'm considering a small purchase from them and don't wanna get hosed...

  2. They sell all Chinese or Indian import glass, their website is incredibly unprofessional and poorly edited, and it's marketed towards retailers not end consumers.

    I'd recommend avoiding the site... but I can't tell you whether or not they'll ship your order on time, discreetly and safely considering I haven't and would never order from them.

    Check out some American glass. It'll cost you more... but it's more valuable and a better deal considering the huge difference in quality.

    Edit: Oh and posting links to competitor sites is not permitted ;)

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