Gpen/basic Vape Questions?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Armtoarm, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. So I've been smoking for a while and have smoked oil a few times. I am interested in buying a g pen but I have no idea what to expect from buying one. Do I just buy oil, put it in the chamber and use it or is a lot more difficult than that? And how much oil do you need and how many hits does that oil usually give you for the pen? I know oil is a lot more expensive than bud but I'm not really sure how much?
  2. G Pen and Micro G pens are both wonderful. They come with a dabber which is a metal tool.

    Using this makes it easier, some prefer a dental pick. Depending on your wax (you can only use wax on these pens) you take a dab and put it on the wick (if its a g pen) or on the coil (micro g pen). You can put a little dab or a huge chunk as much as you can fill up but from my research on these items, I have found its best to put enough to get about 4-5 hits out of each dab. This allows the atomizer (the heating element) to last longer.
    You have to try out how much of a dab gives you how many hits. It will vary from your vaporizer to your wax to your dabs so when you first get it, just experiment different combinations till you get it right. Thats the funniest part. When you're really excited and just taking hits and then you realize your wayyy to stoned after the fourth or fifth hit. LOL
    Wax can run from 30 bucks a gram to 70 bucks a gram. In Los Angeles the average price is $25 for .5 gram and $40 for a gram. Im lucky enough to pick it up for $20/gram, which i feel very blessed to get very good wax for that much.
    Hope that helps!

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