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GP or illigal ... smoke or vap

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Vinton, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. I'm a newbie that has MS but worse is ADHD,anxiety, chronic tics and soft bipolar. Them threes are commonly family related.
    I've applied to my doctor but he's still is in the 50's. So I have to find a GP that will but they are rare. So in any case my health is more important than anything. I've tried close to 10 different pills: For the ADHD (ritalin-bephantin-strattera-concerta) For bipolar soft (lihium-epival and now on lamictal which seems to help
    . For the chronic tics they tried risperdal at low doses and I ended at the emergency on observation for a severe arythmia.

    I live in a smail community and its a problem.

    What I'm trynig to gain is this:
    With ADHD I just can sit, mymind races with plans, task I forgot to do and planning each minute ahead..

    What I'm looking for a strain that will calm me down and help with insomnia..

    I was able to get some royal and was told that it was indica and I'm not sure.. As I said I'm a newbie an feel like your first been and someone asks which you like..

    Now! I smoke but has to mix it with a cigarette 30% MJ/70 tobacco.

    At this time I will take 2-3 puffs and come back every hour. What would be the difference with the vap?

  2. vaporizers are much smoother then smoking. its like inhaling humid air. the high feels different too. the high feels "cleaner" because when vaping your not burning the carcinogens. with a quality vaporizer you can inhale a higher amount of thc then smoking. they are well worth the money. i bought a volcano vaporizer and i would say its the best $500 i have ever spent
  3. I would recommend that you vape for several reasons.

    First off, tobacco is poisonous and addictive. I make tobacco "tea" to kill insects. Some kinds smell nice enough to be used as a potpourri ingredient. But smoke it? No way, Jose! :p

    I have a little Vapor Brother's. Cost me about $150 total (I hit a good sale a long time ago) and it was worth every cent. Better built than the "el cheapo" knock-offs. No moving parts, small and silent. I've never used a Volcano, but the VB does the job for me.

    Here are SOME of the reasons the VB is better than smoking. They smell way less. They use a bit less. You can be interrupted during a vape, walk off, just leaving it and when you come back, take up where you left off with no lost THC! The pot just sits there until you take the next hit. The left-overs from vaping can get you high again by re-using them in edibles. (Yes, you can get high twice on the same weed! :D ) The vapor is much easier on the lungs- less coughing. Carbon monoxide, tars and combustion products are pretty well eliminated. It's small enough to fit in many desk drawers.

    The high is different, less sleepy. You aren't getting all that carbon monoxide for a start.

    Most local, indoor-grown pot is indica or indica dominant- they mature faster, so growers like them. Mexican pot was usually sativa dominant, back when I lived in San Diego, but that was long ago. What you need to find is a 'couchlock" pot with a few seeds! Good luck!

    If you're in California, NORML's site has a list of reputable pot docs. Or you might click the link below and attempt to educate your 50s minded doctor.
  4. Listen to her, she knows her shit. Other than that, if you enjoy the "high" from your pot, a vape might not be the way to go, I find that the high is very different, and unless it is a HEAVY indica strain, all I want to do is everything I need to get done. It almost gives me ADHD.

  5. +1!

    In my opinion, vaping is much more medicating than smoking. It helps my headaches, stomaches, and sleeping problems immensely.

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