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  1. Hi, i have been growing for 3 weeks so far and i have many questions about growing in general. Hear ar my questions starting with...

    - If you have seeds that dont seem to crack is it ok to crack the side a lil to help? or should you just use the matchbox and sandpaper method? ( they are good seeds and sink to the bottom in a cup of water)

    - how much do plants smell when it has buds on it? Im asking this because i planted my seedling in buckets and are in forest outside but one of my spots is well hidden but kinda close to a path so im worried someone might be suspicious.

    -How long can the plants go in the summer without water? i just wondering cuz i have to go away for 2 weeks in the summer and i dunno if it will rain those weeks. ( i live in vancouver canada so it isnt too hot during the summer, around 25-32 deg)

    -If you clone a plant does it yield less?
    -I havent really read up too much on cloning yet so does anyone have any good guides?

    This is all my questions for now. I might have more questions later il add but il have to think of some. Any help is appreciated. TKS
  2. I it does smell alot but you'll be okay if it's outside. No you can't crack the seed just give it lots of water. Clones turn out fine no less bud it's like starting out with a few week old plant. I hope I helped wish me luck on my grow. And good lick to you.
  3. Hmm kk sounds good , also what about that matchbox and sandpaper i hear about?..... and good luck on your grow and thaks for wishing me a good lick :p
  4. How are you trying to germinate them? It's better to let them do their thang on their own. :)

    A lot. ;)

    It very much depends on your conditions, how much they've been watered before you go etc, hopefully you will get the chance to get to know you plant and it's requirements b4 you go on holiday. I don't think I'd wanna risk two weeks, but then I haven't done much outdoor growing.

    The plant you took the clone from? No, not necessarily.

    Youtube has some really good video tutorials. :)
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    o kk tks. the way im germinating is 1 day in cup of water then i move them to paper towel. ive got all 4 of my friends seeds to germ like that but my accual good purple pineberry that i got from seed bank i only have 1/3 that have worked and its been around a week for those ones maby more :( . any ideas?
  6. anyone? Iva had 1 seed germing for over a week and the other over 2 weeks. does that mean they are dead? (ive had a seed crack after 1.5 weeks bafore)
  7. Plants grow roots deep into the soil. Unless you are in a severe drought, the plant should find water on it's own.

    After 2 weeks, I toss the seed and germinate more if I need more plants.
  8. hmmm kk is there anything i can do before i throw out seeds? like carck them and c or something cuz i only have 2 more purple pineberry seeds and out of 5 only 3 are supposto be females. dunno which ones tho
  9. anyone? if they dont sprout within maby a day i was thinking of cracking the bottom of the seed. someone said it would work but i dunno

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