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gow much can you get in 1 hit?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by andyboy420, May 19, 2010.

  1. I usually smoke 2/3rds of a bowl in 1 hit sometimes the whole bowl. I even smoked an 8th in 1 hit one time
  2. I don't like taking massive hits-smoking is half the fun, and I don't like seeing how far I can go, because at least one time that will result in a coughing fit. Why bother? Take a medium hit, let it linger, pass the piece/blunt/whatever on. It seems more appropriate to me that way.

  3. Wtf?

    I usually can get a good 10-15 hits out of a bowl.
  4. An 8th in 1 hit? That's crazy man!

  5. Right, and I'm god.
  6. I doubt you smoked an 8th in one hit. i don't give a fuck how huge your lungs are, thiers no bowl thats gonna hold 3.5 grams of bud. It's hard to even find a bowl that holds a gram. As for hits, isn't it just a waste to pull all the bud through in one hit? I mean c'mon, enjoy the damn weed instead of trying to make huge smoke clouds and impress your friends with these big ass tokes.

  7. Actually, you'd be surprised how big some bowls are.
    My buddy has a bowl that can probably hold 2 grams of ground up bud. I mean, you would have to pack it pretty decently, but it could hold it.
  8. Regardless, this is obviously a troll. An 8th in 1 hit? :rolleyes:
  9. why would you torch an eighth in one hit?
    seems like a total waste to me. half the bud probably fell thru the bowl into the water. but alright.
  10. I had this home-made bong that had a trombone mouthpiece for the bowl, that thing could hold quite a big amount of bud.

  11. Oh, definitely.
  12. he probably has a tiny dick :eek:
  13. ]

    no you didn't. thats impossible and stop posting lies to make youself sound like yo're better that everyone ele.

  14. No, no you didn't

    If you really believe that you did then you have no idea how much is in an eighth, and your dealer is seriously shorting you.
  15. If you inhaled 3.5 grams of bud in one hit, then record it, put it on youtube, and then I will proceed to personally chop off my penis with a 3 foot hatchet. :hello:
  16. unless you have lungs 5 times the size of any human, you did not smoke an 8th in one hit. fuckin troll.

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