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  1. What up im at 33.80 lat. im in southern california coast and i was worndering when to start my gorw i want my plants to be about 3 feet tall at the tallest during flower. http://pictures.marijuana.com/gallery/data-stuff/b6d767d2f8ed5d21a44b0e5886680cb9/1257_p17846.swf\
    so this chart says they will begine flower aug 29th so how long should i srtart veg for my plants to stay about 3 feet thru flowering ?

    does anyone know how auccurate this map is ?

    and does anyone know if the pure form flying dutchman seeds is a good strain to grow outdoors in cali?

    -people get ready
  2. The map should be pretty accurate, but if you live on the northern side of a mountain or whatever it will affect the direct light you will get. Also the times on there dont take into account frost. May I ask why the 3' height is so important?
  3. i just wana keep the plants on the downlow and dont want anyone to see um so

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