Government Sympathizers: GTFO: Viewer Discretion

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  1. Prepare your anus, Government Sympathizers, my friend here, Mr. Eland is about to take you on a ride.

    ‘Unprovoked’ Attacks, From 1812 to 9/11 by Ivan Eland --

  2. I enjoyed that little read.

    Gee I learned about those incidents in history but they sure didn't teach it that way..
  3. hooray for american exceptionalism..we are exceedingly exceptional at trumping up a reason (any one will do it seems) to kill people (mostly brown people, but not always. this is the land of opportunity after all)
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    Correct. They know teach history different:

    Then: Classroom emphasis on "United States" history-Material concerning the crossover from Europe to the present day. Integrates a little bit of world "economics."

    Now: Classroom emphasis on "Global" history-Material concerning the United States, but emphasizes international developmental (including historic and economic) impact on the US.

    Indoctrinate 'em when they're young. If nothing is done about Governmental intrusion on the minds of the young American now, the material above will be obsolete, discarded, and possibly lost to history in development.

    Good read btw OP.
  5. He could easily turn that into a book!

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