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  1. i dont know how the situation in the us is.... but these scumbags living of the government and laying low, with what all the hardworking and often not so well payed people payed for, just make me sick ... it makes me really angry... some of them dont even know what they are payed off.. and are like "its not my problem im paid of taxes :rolleyes:" "yeah we are a couple, but we want 2 apartments, cause its our right" fuck that :devious:

    there should be better controlling if they wanna work and if the truly dont fuck em... let em be homeless... maybe then theyd want to start to work in a job...

    whats the situation in the us like?
  2. I'm canadian , shit is good.

  3. explain?

  4. Where are you from?

    I'm in the uk and I get pissed off when people are happy being jobless and are doing nothing with their lives.

    Single parents have some kind of excuse...but I'm a single parent and I work 25 hours a week. My daughter is nearly 2 and I've only been back in work for 7 months because I felt that she wasn't ready for me to work before that. But I hate it when single parents use their children as an excuse not to work forever.

    I also hate those jobless bastards that see you light up a cig and immediately ask if they can 'borrow' one. You're a stranger! How the hell are you supposed to give me one back!? If you want to smoke, supply it yourself. Lazy pricks.

  5. this !
  6. I'm from Germany, border to Luxembourg, which makes my region pretty wealthy, due to reaaaaaaaaaaly good payed jobs in lux, so this isn't really that big problem here, but other parts (specially the east) are pretty much packed with those guys. :(

    I've just seen a report on Teenagers, who are allready jobless, because theyve learned it like that from their parents. :confused:

    I fully understand your point, even though I almost allways give cigs away :D
    Several reasons for that:
    - I don't mind if there is one missing
    - I'm drunk and already had the best conversations after that D:
    - friend of me got beaten into the hospital with arms and rips broken after saying he didn't have any ... saaad story

    greetings to wales ;) only country in the uk ive not been to :)

  7. You're lucky. Since our government spent all our money, and money we didn't have, I think there are about 2 million unemployed at the moment. I feel really sorry for those who aren't in work but really want to be.

    But I see too many of those scumbags who are happy to live off benefits forever. Drives me mad.

    I usually give them a cig because they've seen me take one out of a full packet or something...and then I feel bad for saying no. And when you're drunk...everybody's your best friend :D

    Sucks about your friend though. Some people are just plain hateful.

    Come to Wales! It's great :D
  8. Heck i think my country has like one thousand million euros debt... and increasing haha

    just checked the statistics that still leave some kinds of unemployment out: 3mio... 3miox~400euro = € /month :D sums that i cant even imagine :D

    yeah im always happy too if i run out of cigs and dont have to walk around asking 10people :D

    happened to me once while offroading and my buddy didnt have any either and the car got stuck... was happy after 8 hours in the ice cold forest to finally be able to get a new pack :) best cigs eveer :D

    might do that some time ;) but first im gonna watch n read a little sum sum about wales :p see if your talking the truth :p
  9. Well its kind of 50/50 around here. I know some people who dont deserve to be getting paid and they get like 2000 a month or more. Then I know people who do deserve it and they dont get what they need, but at least theyre getting something. Im unemployed atm and Ive seriously applied to like 30 places recently and shit is not looking good for me... :( Its bad everywhere bro just dont let it get to you.

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