Government spends $200,000 on SIMPLE smart phone application.

Discussion in 'General' started by Matticus, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Video if you don't want to read below: [ame=]U.S. GOVERNMENT SPENDS $200,000 ON SIMPLE ANDROID / iPHONE APPLICATION - YouTube[/ame]

    This guy saw an application created by the US Govt that didn't work very well for him and wanted to get some information on it. He wanted to get the source code and how much it cost to create the application, so he used the freedom of information act to his advantage.

    The government spent a couple hundred grand contracting a company to create an Android/iPhone/Blackberry application that would determine your location, give heat index, and supply you with a risk/danger level. This company does a whole lot of different stuff for the government, like food catering and military explosive engineering.

    I couldn't believe it when I read it.

    Well, yeah I guess I could see the govt doing that.

    Here is the link to the application:
  2. :laughing: that's ridiculous, this thing would be off the charts if you walk through compton
  3. that guys annoying

  4. How could I BE less annoying? :D:D:D:p:hello::wave::devious::devious::rolleyes::p:D:eek::(:):wave::hello::cool::rolleyes::mad::devious::(:(:eek:

    Does that help?
  5. So the heat index is basically like knowing the weather kind of, but what does the risk/danger thing measure anyways?

  6. How harmful the heat is to you. There's a formula with heat and humidity that create a heat index which is used to create the danger level of going outside for a period of time.

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