Government shutdown 6 hrs left

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  1. Ok so i look at the Tv and president Obama is giving a speech about government being shutdown...exactly what does this mean or is it just a random scare...what would change dramatically?
  2. Be very afraid. We're fucked. I got the popcorn.  :smoke:
  3. I'm watching from the safety of Canada :)
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    It means the government stops providing everything but the essential services. For example the PD, FD, hospitals, postal, border security etc. will all still be running.
    Have fun guys.
    Edit; I just read the government is likely to furlough over 50% of your health services. So don't be getting sick now, that would be bad...
  5. Fuck the government
  6. Oh shit i hear everyone talking about this im late...Guess im moving to canada or Europe if this become an real thing, still confused about what will take place... :-|
  7. Sweet. I call dibs on the white house.
  8. Ok thanks clears things up a bit for me.
  9. Lol i just thought this to myself
  10. It will only be for a little while, it'll be over before you know it.
  11. It could kneecap the economy for a bit, depends how long it goes...Outside of that though, really nothing much will change.
    Kind of like when kids bicker on the playground, they tussle around a bit and maybe toss some offensive language towards their opponent; then they get detention where they think about what they did and how they could have handled it different and patch things up the next day...Just that it might be longer than the next day. :cool:
  12. Up to speed now & an understand the issue & yeah last one was in 95" an lasted 21 days..
    What the fuck is going on in your avatar?
  14. Lmao i seen it online somewhere its a dog creeping strangely & deranged.
  15. Democrats: "It's all the Republicans' faults!"

    Republicans: "It's all the Democrats' faults!"

    Me: "It's both of your god damned faults you greedy, scumbag, career politicians! Get your heads out of each others asses and sort this shit out (and maybe sneak cannabis legalization through at the same time) so we can move on with our fucking lives!"
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    pretty sad that people cant get way or the highway isnt the best approach at running a country
    i say bring on the hard times though.maybe people will finally wake up instead of voting for there president based off handouts and skin color
  17. In this case you'd be wrong.
    It's time to set the budget, it's not time to play politics with shit that is already law and isn't a part of the budget.
    And guess which side is playing the games? :smoke:
  18. Fixed.

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