Government inserting chips into humans ?

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  1. so i heard the government was testing inserting chips into humans and what not

    A few years ago i heard my dad talking about this . and he was preaching how the government would be able to control us ( as in money and such ) if it went down .

    what do you guys think . inform me !
  2. Supposingly its gonna be that all our money will be stored in a chip in our hands. No more cash so we are gonna have to trade stuff for weed
  3. the govt is actively taking away our liberties as humans. creating a govt was the single worst idea in the history of human kind. imo
  4. ^ i think money was the worst idea
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    I'll warn everyone now. You can consider the chip as the mark of the beast, what have you. It's a very negative thing you don't need in your lives.

    Do not ever get a chip implanted into you. It's unnecessary. You don't need it and you will be better off without it!
  6. As crazy as it may sound, we are slowly but surely moving towards the new world order.

    [ame=]YouTube - Illuminati TV Advert - I Am One Of The 63336[/ame]
  7. Why worry about such trivial things when there is Bud Light Lime?

  8. I don't think we are anywhere close to that, or at least I sure hope not. Ha. But the people whom made that Zeitgeist documentary would sure agree with you. Crazy stuff, worth a watch though.
  9. Novus Ordo Seclorum is upon us. go purchase or get from the Libary or bookstore "Behold a Pale Horse" by William Cooper, it talks all about it in there along countless other government conspiracy subjects, but basically he confirms that the government has microscopic chips that have been implanted in all humans that allow the government to track or exact location via satellite anywhere in the world, and can watch us basically some new version of big brother, and the bug has been implanted since the 80s using methods such as flu shots, vaccines for other virus, and most doctors don't even know they are injecting you with the chip they think they are just doing a standard flu shot, it's crazy some of the things out there, but basically our government lies to us about everything the world is screwed and we are all going to die soon and the rich get richer and the poor stay poor and it is ugly for the common citizen....basically we are fucked because we are a bunch of mindless senseless idiots running a monk wasting our time, and we are to stupid to see what's going on right before our eyes because we think we know better basically....obama has turned into bush....
  10. I heard something about pharmaceutical companies inserting chips into medicines so if it's true it wouldn't surprise me one bit.
  11. Can't wait to see how our future might play out...
  12. idk about chips as of yet (until we get to the FEMA camps).... but this is very real:

    Worm Parasites that Can Control Your Mind/thoughts/actions:


    Oxford scientists have discovered a type of parasite that infects rats and which, instead of hurting them directly, controls their mind making them fearless of cats and thus increasing their probability of being eaten. The same parasite lives inside half of the human population. The scientists wonder what influence it has on the human mind.

    The parasite, called Toxoplasma, influences the rats because, as part of its life cycle, it needs to get into the gut of a cat. It lays out eggs that get eaten by rats and other animals which often end up eaten by cats. However, as cats don't eat dead animals, the parasite has to deliver its host alive. In order to do this it influences its host's mind by producing blood cysts inside their brains.

    Researchers have found that healthy rats have the ability of detecting the smell of cat urine and carefully avoid areas depicting such traces. They are so careful and sensitive to such odors that scientists often use cat's urine to test rats' panic reactions. On the other hand, infected rodents not only that don't exhibit this negative reaction, but they are actually seeking those areas where the smell of cat's urine is prevalent. The parasite is literally controlling their mind and pushing them into the cat's jaws. This obviously doesn't benefit the rodent in any way but benefits the parasite which is seeking to get into the cat's gut.

    This is a dramatic example of how a creature can exhibit a spectacular intentional behavior without even having a nervous system - and thus it's obviously not aware of its own purposes.

    But scientists wonder, if this parasite does such a thing to a mouse's mind, what is its effect on humans? There is no definite answer to this question yet. However, Dr. E. Fuller Torrey from the Stanley Medical Research Institute has noticed certain connections between the presence of the Toxoplasma parasite in humans and schizophrenia. Doctors have found that schizophrenics have damaged glial cells (which surround and support neurons); taxoplasma is also associated (although the cause-and-effect relation is not definitely proven) with the presence of such damaged cells. Moreover, scientists found that infected rats which were administered certain antipsychotic drugs used to treat schizophrenia, regained their fear of urine cat. Thus, the effect of taxoplasma on humans might be to increase the probability of schizophrenia.

    These parasites are not the only such mind-controlling creatures out there. For example, there are certain microscopic parasites acting on insects: Dicrocoelium dendriticum controls its ant host to stay on the tips of grass baldes thus increasing its probability of being eaten by a ruminant animal, as the parasite needs to get into the gut of such an animal to complete its life cycle. Trichastrongylidae sp., a worm that lives inside grasshoppers, drives their hosts to jump into water pools (and thus drown) because its life cycle continues in the aquatic environment. There are also some parasites specialized in controlling the minds of fish: Euhaplorchis californiensis causes its host to swim near the water surface in a shaky manner and even to jump above the surface so they could be more easily spotted and preyed upon by birds - inside which the parasite continues its life cycle.

    Evolution can be quite scary sometimes!

    Parasites that Can Control Your Mind - Possibly increasing your chances of becoming a schizophrenic - Softpedia

    Supposedly 80% of the human population is infected with some type of mental worm. Marijuana freezes it.

    this makes me wonder since some peoples egos are just so inflated.... i knew there had to be some sort of underlying reason... :eek:

    "Theoretically, a GPS-enabled chip could one day make it possible for individuals to be physically located by latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, and direction of movement. Such implantable GPS devices are not commercially available at this time."

    But soon enough..
  14. I refuse to live with a chip in my body. If this goes down, I'm moving to a foreign country. Been debating on it anyways, since the US government is bullshit.
  15. You're from the Netherlands right?
    My sister went to get her passport renewed yesterday and she had to give them her fingerprint! Motherfuckers! That kind of shit can make me so fucking pissed. I think I'm putting superglue on my fingertips next time when I get my passport renewed. Assholes.
  16. They can already do this with some smart phones, and I think people are more likely to forgot a body part than a cell phone when they leave the house these days. This also looks like it with do just the trick. Now we will have chips in our cell phones so the government can send us terror alerts and text messages from the president, can't wait. Optional as of now at least, but no way any new phone won't have one pre-installed.

    FCC to launch disaster alert system for cell phones | Digital Media - CNET News
  17. The only chip I want has to be made by WISE, LAYS or PRINGLE, Or of course a few $1000 chips from the Monte Carlo

  18. no, if we went by the vision of the founding fathers this gov't would be the shit. unfortunately greed exists

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