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Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. well i learned a very important lesson last night, oxycontin is way more addictive physically than heroin, i shot 40mg's, then another 40mg's and by 12 today i started gettin the aches and it jus got worse from there, so then i bought a bag n shot that n no more dopesickness

    i doubt it'll amplify the other because oxycontin isnt morphine based and also i shot 10 bags a day for 3 days n didnt get nearly as sick as i did from shootin 80mg's..... welp, its time for me to take a nap. g'day
  2. Man, i could never do shit like that--- I hate needles haha :smoking:
  3. ? Whats that have to do with the goverment?
  4. think hes implying RX pills are made by the government, where as heroin is just made by people, and that the gov makes shit that is EVIL!!!!
  5. not even that the government makes pills, aint ya ever heard oxycontin referred to as FDA approved heroin

  6. Like adderall is FDA approved tweak.

  7. Tell me if i'm worng but isn't oxycotin (sp?) supposed to be in a pill form . Maybe it wouldn't have been bad if it was used as directed and not injected. Not sticking up for the government or anything
  8. actually desoxyn is prescription meth, but u get an A for effort haha

    well, i hope i dont wakeup sick tomorrow cuz that'd suck for 2 reasons, 1 cuz i'd be sick and 2 cuz i cant really miss work cuz i missed a day last week n a few weeks before that

    edit: just because the government doesnt make narcotic injectible drugs doesnt mean they cant be injected, like morphine for example, its used intravenously all the time in hospitals but they dont make injectible prescriptions of it

  9. nice...but i'd prefer a gold star :smoke:
  10. oh yes, oxy contin is a very addictive drug. i know sooo many people that are addicted to that shit. alotta my friends, not best friends, but i know them pretty well. there's one dude who is up to six and seven 80 mg's a day. thats redicilous. i actually just snorted 40mg myself :D

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