Government Conspriracy??

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by KB_124, Feb 28, 2003.

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  1. What some part of the U.S.................There was a operation to boost the sales of domestic black vans???
  2. I think where I live there is x-files bullshit going on ;)

    There are alway signs for work crews ahead but then there are no people what the fuck.

    One time there were cones for like a mile and then I saw a man walking back towards the way I came from with a cone on his shoulder but he was walking towads nothing and we kept driving and there was no truck or anything, just cones for another mile. Weird huh?
  3. shit like that goes on around here... ever see the movie Conspiracy Theory?

    the whole 9-11 thing and us going to war with iraq and afghanistan have all kinds of conspiracies involved.
  4. Well there is a conspiracy to stop people from breathing to much of the oxygen out of Bush\'s air. turned out that he just farted and everyone had turned their head about ten feet from him!

    You will never know all the conspiracys going on in the world. I guess that I wouldn\'t want to either!

  5. HAHAHA!! Sometimes I\'d bet that we would be surprised to hear what goes on if the government never censored anything.. Like in the news and shit..
  6. The news is never censored. It is given in a way that makes us guilty and the government a hero.

    They change the words to make them look good..

    All the right words are there. It\'s just the order they arrange them that makes the differance!
  7. I would like to see a good example of this..any ideas on where to find one? like a before and after type thing..haha
  8. yepyep I understand what ur sayin like on that commercial they said 4 out of 5 crashed car drivers had tested positive for weed, they didnt say they were smoking then....
    they call it wordgames, I call it lying.
  9. they said 1 in 3 i think

  10. damn straight.
  11. did you know in like the late 60\'s? or some shit the CIA tryed to brainwash people by forceing them to take LSD and be questioned for hours. Wierd shit..
  12. Yeah, we all know the government plays word games..But im talkin in wartime...what does the U.S. allow and doesn\'t allow to be seen??

  13. They allow you to see that our guys are taking control and doing a great job...

    They hide everything else!. Thats a fact!
  14. Scary but true, budhead.

    We seem to hear about things that happened after a decade or more has passed.

    We hear how close we came to losing at points where the news coverage at that time showed sure victory.

    Or how something highly touted, we later find we accidentally won. Or got lucky.

    Don\'t get me wrong. Our boys (damn I gotta stop sayin boys... lotsa girls too) are quite competent.

    During wartime, though, the propaganda machine does help our cause. Moral on our side goes up, and hopefully moral goes down on their side.

    I still laugh every time I see that fucked up picture of the guy they arrested in Pakistan (the \"brains\" or al-queda, supposedly). His ass was FAST asleep when they busted down his doors.

    PERFECT mug shot.

    I actually do laugh (kind of sinisterly too) every time I see it. His hair all messed up and his fur hangin\' out.

    Now I have to find it…….. Shit! it won\'t let me save the picture right. grr!

    Here\'s the link....




  15. that your best sinister laugh?? :p
  16. Due to the limit on smileys, I couldn\'t protray exactly how sinister that laugh was.

    I was feeling sinister while laughing, though. That count? lol
  17. i\'ll let my sig do all the talking.
    tis all the responce i need make.

  18. Apparently not ;)

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