Government Considering Decriminalizing Marijuana

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    Ottawa - Last week, Britain relaxed its marijuana laws so police there could focus on harder drugs. Now Canada's justice minister is hinting he's considering decriminalizing marijuana.
    Canadians caught with small amounts of marijuana usually face fines of about $1,000, or six months in jail and a criminal record. Martin Cauchon wants to change that. "If you look at the system we have in place, keeping it criminal is something that is not very efficient."

    Cauchon and others say the courts and the police are spending too much time and money on minor marijuana offences. In 2000, 30,000 Canadians were accused of possessing marijuana.

    Marijuana Party member Mike Curt says Ottawa should go one step further. "One of the main problems with prohibition right now is that organized crime has a foothold in the industry, and until we legalize the growth and sale of marijuana we're not going to see those problems end."

    Cauchon has promised to consult widely with Canadians on the issue. That will include consultation with Canada police forces.

    Marijuana "is the first drug kids see in school, not only secondary school, but elementary school, so there is a possibility for marijuana to be used as a stepping stone for other harder drugs," said Mike Niebudek, vice-president of the Canadian Police Association.

    But a Senate committee recently reported it could find no strong evidence that marijuana led to harder drugs. That committee and another from the House of Commons are scheduled to deliver reports on the issue this fall.

    The vice-chair of the Commons committee, Alliance MP Randy White, says Cauchon should wait to read the reports. "These are details that have to be worked out in the Commons, not for some obscure little minister trying to get political hits from the Canadian public, blurting out that he might decriminalize this."

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    Complete Title: Minister Says Government Considering Decriminalizing Marijuana Possession

    Source: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
    Published: July 16, 2002
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  2. I hope they do, when they do Canada here I come
  3. well thats great to hear and ill have my fingers crossed.... im going to canada next spring break and if its legal by then, itll be quite the vacation
  4. if they do i'm going to save up some cash and buy a camp in canada, maybe out in the woods somewhere.
  5. Yeah Im up there about twice a year, that would be a nice change...Im more interested in the possible change effecting American views on the issue, especially the governments....its time for them to step down and admit they were wrong, and let the legalization process begin...

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