Gov. Rick Perry for decriminalization of pot

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    This is the conservative version of that Obama article slash publicity stunt. Hey Dick Perry its not decriminalized if you have to go to court or pay fines. Bananas are decriminalized this is just a softer version of criminalization. It is clear that the American people want pot legalized so politicians like Rick Perry and Obama will attempt tp pander do not fall for it. Its pure BS get the government out of the business of governing our bodies. 

  2. Agree, the government shouldn't govern our bodies
  3. These assholes are just playing the game.

    When it comes down to it they're still deepthroating big pharma day and night.
  4. I agree but it's a step in the right direction. Albeit a slow step but it's still a step if progress. You have to consider the state and who we're talking about here. Texas is a republican state with a conservative republican governor. It's come a long way baby from George Bush's "Don't mess with Texas." Oh Ann Richards & Kinky Freedman .... Pass along some of those good vibes please. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  5. Exactly.  These "rehabilitation" programs can be a racket just like the courts and jails...especially when 'govt regulated'.
    Decriminalize freedom! 
  6. Luckily, as a free individual, I don't need govt approval nor do I need to wait for regulations to pass to use a plant.
    Suck it nerds.

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