gotta take a break for awhile :(

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by deadphish46, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. i gotta stop smokin for awhile...heres what happened

    this weekend was the first weekend of parents left town with my sister, left me home alone...of course, i have a party...everything went fine, so i thought, until mom found a leftover keystone light in the drawer by the phone, because some idiot put it there, so i tell her it wasnt mine, and thats settled...later though, i come home to get some money and my sister is crying, saying she found a used tampon in her drawer...thats when i knew i was fucked

    so i went out again, and my friend got a call from her mom, saying i needed to go home right away

    when i got home, my dad asked me what happened this weekend..i knew i was hosed so i just quit lying

    i told him i had about 10 people over (it was actually 25+...oh well), and he grounded me, i lost their trust, and i have to get a job and work every day...i also cant stay home alone anymore, and since they dont trust me anymore i figured its best to quit for awhile in case they spring some drug shit on me...july 10th is the restart day, allman brothers and string cheese incident...woo

    so, im grounded because some idiot girl put a used tampon in a drawer, of all places
  2. Yea, thats pretty weak.

    My parents left for likea good week last summer and i had a party as well, but it all turned out good for me...except when the pig showed up at the door and said "sorry im inturrupting you're weed smoking, boys."
  3. Hah that blows. My parents found out about my party last october when people stole some things from my house. I don't get why people have to mess around w/ shit in your house. assholes. =/
  4. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly why you don't have parties at your house.
  5. thats why i only have partys in my basement since thier isnt anything worth stealing down thier. plus is smells kinda wierd so you could smoke down thier and no one would ever notice.

  6. ^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Right. Fucking. On. Dude. That's exactly what I was thinking.
  7. lol ..over xmas vacation i told a few friends they could chill at my place while i was away if they wanted ...i cme back.. and the lazy potheads didnt clean up shit there was dishes, wrappers, plates, cups, cans, brownie mix, chinese food containers, pizza boxes ..everywhere fuckin stoners ...:D
  8. im would have kicked some ass if my house was screwed up.. but yeah i dont have parties at my house.. only if its somewhere else...
  9. For 200+ people it's pretty good that only one thing was stolen. Everyone was chillen in the backyard too, except for my close friends and any girls who were yacking in the bathrooms. Bah whatever, it was fuckin worth it. :D
  10. You always find the weirdest stuff after cleaning up after a party. At my friends house, we found a half eaten plate of lasagna hidden in the top shelf of a cupboard.
  11. hahaha that's pretty funny
  12. i heard that if u listen to string cheese incident then u are 99% likely a stoner, i dunno i dont listen to them :O

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