gotta see this movie

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Jada, Feb 18, 2002.

  1. Alright-maybe its cause i was stoned, but highway troopers or whatever it was called was fucking hysterical. We went and saw it today and i recommend it to everyone. I have been told i have an akward taste in movies, so please don't be pist if you go see it and don't like it. the funny thing was-I think everyone therte was stoned. you know when you can just tell. Well yeah, it was one of those things-so for your personal enjoyment, blaze up and go see it. It'll be fun
  2. that movie was hifuckinglarious i loved that one stoner that ate the weed and shrooms. "do you know why i pulled you over? Litering (holds up bag of weed) and smoking the refer, now as punishment we're gunna make you smoke this whole bag."
  3. fuck! i wanna see that!...i saw the previews a few weeks ago in the theater when we went to go see orange county....the whole stoner highway scene is worth the 6 bucks in itself
  4. Don't you wish that would be the case with cops? It would be nice if itwas.
  5. ...but wouldnt it also be nice to see a cop fly over a counter at mcdonalds at a punk ass kid?

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