Gotta put my dog down

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    So yeah my dog hasn't been doing to well for the past 2 weeks.Right now she cant walk because it hurts her too much (arthritis) so she just stays in one place for hours on end. She even started to have diarrhea which I guess is a sign that her organs are shutting down (or so I been told). So my dad made the decision today that were going to put her down tomorrow morning.I feel really sad my friend of 12 years that I grew up with is going to die but I am also relieved that she will no longer be in pain. When I look at her all I see is misery in her eyes.

    Im just glad I got to spend 12 great years with her,
  2. Sorry to hear that. Putting an animal down is definitely tough, but it is better than letting her suffer. My best wishes to you
  3. I know how you feel, man. My family has had to put down two dogs before and it's some of the saddest times I had. At least as you said you had 12 years with her; that's quite a long time for certain dogs. Sorry about your news
  4. damn. thats hard man... sorry... you should get him cremated man and spread his ashes in his favorite spot outside then celebrate his life and roll him up in a blunt :) my dog loves to get a little mellowed out with me when i smoke hes alwasy clawing at my door to come in .. i give him a tiny hit then he jumps up on my bed and chills with me so ima honor him by smoking him :) xD
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    I didnt like the above post for saying roll him up in a blunt..thats quite narly lol
    But everybodys gatta put down their pets at some point, Its better to put her down than have her living a life of misery like that. But trust me on this one, it helps to get a new puppy, like after having a pet for so long than the days after their gone the house is quiet and you just think about how much you miss having an animal around. Plus a new puppy always brings joy :)
    If you get another dog tho, do some research, some breeds will ALWAYS get bad hips at old age (german shepards) and arthritis and things like that. Pure bred dogs will most likely have issues, but cross breeds like a pit bull with some other good genetics mixed in, wont have old-age problems in the future. My neighbor had a pure bred german shepard and for 4 years i watched that dog walk around with a saggy ass because of its bad hips, it was quite sad.
  6. had to put down 2 mastiffs over the past 12 years,b oth 6 years old and both got bone cancer....we loved them like family members. they loved us. we miss them both terribly, but we'll never get nother for fear of our hearts breaking yet again. those were 2 of the saddest days of my life yet. such fear in their eyes...
  7. I'm sorry to hear that man, it's weird but every now and then I think about how my dog is going to die probably within 12 years (he's 3). I love my dog more than I like most people.
  8. yeah dude lmfao it was a joke. xD
  9. Hey man very sorry to hear about your loss of a pet. Pets are family man, I lost 2 of my dogs last year, Had to put one down and luckily she had a littler of puppys not to long before that so I kept one of them and in the most fucked up way possible it got parvo. So I know how you feel man! Hope things get better.

  10. The scary thing is, someone made a thread about whether or not people would smoke the ashes of a cremated friend in a bowl/blunt/joint with weed and the answer was overwhelmingly "yes". I got ostracized for saying it was fucking disgusting lmao
  11. It's never easy losing a friend and dear loved one OP, my prayers go out to you and your family. My first dog was exactly like that.. Got too weak to walk or even stand...I remember as a kid her trying to stand, standing then was heartbreaking. I know it's not always comforting having to pick the lesser of two evils. But know that soon her/his suffering will be over and that you have many years of loving memories that you can carry with you for a lifetime.
  12. I'm with you bro. My dog of 6 years just got diagnosed with bone cancer a week ago. She got a raw deal being she only got to have 6 years. She's on a bunch of pain meds and OK for now. But that won't last long.

    To the dude that said taxidermy. Kill yourself! Then let your family stuff you.

  13. Really? Come on now..
  14. Got me some tears in my eyes.........gawd this is a tough subject for me. I had to put my cats to sleep over medical issues that had no cures, to stop their suffering in life...and it still rips my heart apart thinking of the whole thing...:(

    My parents cat was the first to leave us, young, only 8, she got cancer and it was eating her gut up, she was in a lot of pain and it was getting worse (cats moaning in pain is a sound that rips my heart)

    Tiger was 14, his eyes were going to have to be removed over glaucoma, but pre surgery test showed more problems, worst was he had become diabetic to the extreme and would need several shots a day...and his wounds would not heal...he would stay in pain, more then he was in already...

    Keekee made it for a few more years, until he was 21 and seemed to just give up on life...stopped eating, drinking, would stay by me to sleep instead of his fav said he was just very old and dieing, keekee knew it and was saying goodbye...

    Just writing about it makes tears flow down my face...:cry:

    Got my goggie Ranger now, adopted him about 8 months before Keekee first dog (of my own, rest were mom's or sister's). He was Keekee's buddy as well...Ranger was searching the house for weeks looking for keekee after he was gone. Ranger started to be very attached to me after that. He gets very upset if I am gone from the house. Stays at the door and waits for me to return, then won't move from my side for hours afterwards.

    My 'pets' are just adopted kids for me. I love them as family.:eek: to go get some tissue now...ran out...

  15. I'd neg rep that if I had the power....

    Some people just don't know when to keep sarcasm and shitty comments to themselves...:mad:
  16. Thanks guys I appreciate your comments.

    Heres a picture of her 3 weeks before we had to put her down
    (for some reason I cant edit my original post)

  17. Awww she was so big and beautiful =D
  18. Sorry to here that man..

    My mom was friends with one of the top exec's at Fox entertainment.

    And she spent over 50K giving her dog surgery and it still died..
  19. Beautiful dog. Again sorry for your loss. Bet your family made her life great.

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