Gotta Love These Hungry-man T.v. Dinners,,, A Single Mans Supper!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by chicken, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. well since i slung the ol-lady to the curve,,,, ive cooked up some shit, only to feed most of it to the neighborhoods,,, strays....

    i was in wal-mart and said f-it,,, im getting some t.v. dinners,,,, microwave for 9 minutes and suppers done,,,, currently eating a slice turkey dinner, and drinking a beer,

    my cat knows daddys gonna let him lick the plate clean..... damn i love this company,,,, if only they had pussy in the freezer section,,,,
  2. As far as TV dinners go, hungry man do make the best ones, just you need like 3 of them to even feel full.
  3. eww, those things are fucking sick!
  4. Don't hate on a man's supper, motherfucker! That's just wrong, man! =P
  5. i dont know man,,, that one i just polished off was pretty good,,,,

    didnt hear kitty complaining neither,,,, as he was licking the colour off the plate....:p
  6. I like those. The ones like the "XXXL with 2 full pounds of food" and I can hear that deep GODLY voice saying that.....mmmmmmm they are good. Beats paying for another car, a ring and hearing that "WA WA WAA WAA WAAA" and tamps all
  7. Go CHICKEN Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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