Gotta love seed boutique, and dr chronic!!

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  1. Just got my order in!!! East Coast Sour Diesel x Williams Wonder from Reservior Seeds, and they threw in 5 free seeds of Blockhead from Spics Of Life which I heard was a killer strain.. I can't wait to get these deisel x wwonder into flower LOL.. Anyway just wanted to give credit to the companies that has provided this American one hell of a selection of killer smoke. Oh and Dr. Chronic.. Can't forget them.. I got half my lineup from, and half

    So what's next fellows... Help me choose.. what would you like to see grown?? I will keep a grow journal of this one. I'll be using one of these Auto pot systems along with soil I got 6 weeks to get everything ready (I have plants finishing flowering now)

    Oh another thing these auto pots are seriosly fun, and easy.. I got mine form a friend with a 14 gallon res, and you can use both soil or hydro medium in the unit. You can pretty much buy the special device and put your own together very easily... no pumps, electricity or nothing.. Just fill with nutrients and grow... I have an Ice, and northern lights female 1 week into flower in this unit right now, and they are growing wonderfully.. I used pure blend pro grow & bloom in the res.. and am growing in a 75% perilite 25% soil medium, and any bloom boosters, liquid karma etc.. I water straight form the top... It gets a nice steady feed form the res, and anything extra from top. You can litterally set one of these puppies up in the woods fill the res, and just go back before flower to change to flowering nutes..

    10 seeds East Coast Deisel x williams wonder from resevior seeds
    5 seeds of Blockhead from Spice of life seeds
    5 seeds of northern lights form Nirvana
    3 seeds of White widow from nirvana
    3 seeds of ICE Female seeds
    10 seeds of ak-48
    10 seeds of PPP Pure power Plant from Nirvana
    10 seeds of Blue Mystic from Nirvana
    10 seeds of White Rhino Nirvana
    3 seeds of Sadu from mandala seeds
    4 c99 x blueberry Cinderella blues from Spice Brothers
    10 seeds of safari mix from mandala
    8 seeds of Hashberry from Mandala
    16 durban poison x skunk from skunkman
  2. sour wonder, blockhead, mandala's mix or sadhu, and cindy blues.

    all-star lineup

    p.s. you should make a cross on lower buds using the cindy blues and the sour wonder... ohhh man... the possibilities.... oh and then you'd send me some of those seeds of course ;] hah

    edit: blockhead: "This is a new addition to Spice of Life Seeds. The mother was selected from seed developed by one crazy yanqui. The exact origins are somewhat of a mystery. It is strong pot. The feminized mothers were fairly homogenous, although from several of the line, and another more extreme sativa. This mother had indica-like buds on a sativa sized plant. Crossed with the same SwT father as Sweet Tooth #3, I am sure you find it distinctly different from anything on the market. It should probably not even be on the market as it encourages psychosis. Not good for unstable folks! It has been known to magnify neurotic behaviour. Yield Indoors: good Yield Outdoors: very good Flowering Period Indoors: 56 days Finishing Time Outdoors: mid Oct. 500N"

    gimme gimme lol
  3. I'd like to see a grow journal on the blue mystic, then I can see how it's done before I f*ck mine up!
  4. Jeez

    How many fucking lists of plants are these people going to expect us to read??

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