Gotta go to court for the most bullshit reason ever

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  1. I was walking and i had cottonmouth so i spit on the floor and a cop that was in car nearby detained me all for spitting and now i gotta go to court and im being fined
  2. damn dude.
  3. Fucking cops.
  4. Where you inside?

    If not, spit on his shoes.
  5. If you were inside of a building I would have fined you too
  6. thats beat, were you inside, and some towns have laws saying you can't spit on the ground.
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    I was outside it was in Newark, nj
  8. dude thats such bullshit... id be so pissed
  9. Yeah, sure.

  10. How can you get in trouble for spitting nothing?

    When I have a mouth full of cotton, it has cotton everywhere. I can find no lube in my mouth even if I chew gum.


    Desert dry.

    Dead grandma in a closet dry... :eek::eek:

  11. Its why hes a troll.

    The post completely contradicts itself.
  12. I second trolll.

    The only reason why a cop would bust someone for such a petty know what, fuck that....TROLL
  13. Under what pretenses?
  14. Shit i'm high what I meant was what are you being fined for? I can't see that you've done anything wrong...
  15. Yea dood that'suh toe tally wut eye Mentuh
  16. That's so fucking dumb, cops are the worst! And spitting in a cops face is a felony.. Haha
  17. Sorry but i lol'd. I can imagine it being the kind of thing where the spit is halfway out of your mouth and you hear a cop siren go off.
  18. Hes no trolling. In my town there's a LAW stating we can't spit on the floor and it's a 75$ fine I heard. Cops do not really enforce it but I guess you had the "chance" to stumble upon an ultra-prick cop who was having a bad day / needed to complete his quota.
  19. Sounds more like you were in Singapore
  20. That cop needs to smoke some weed :smoke:

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