Gotta be kidding me.

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by Peter Griffin, Feb 2, 2010.

  1. "My girlfriend of 2 years told me the other night (in front of a few of my friends) that one time when I passed out wasted she stuck her finger halfway in my ass, "Just for fun."
  2. hahah thats siikc
  3. Haha WTF is all I have to say:D
  4. hahahahah omg that's fucking hilarious. Not for you of course though, damn that must of been embarrassing. What the fuck did you reply to that?! :confused::eek:
  5. Ummm dude, yer chick is fuckin weird.
  6. Damn dude that's gnarly.
  7. We have since incorporated anal play in our routine...

  8. Haha this^
    Your gonna be having trust issues sleeping in the same room now!
  9. Dude, what if she got some poop :eek:
  10. Next time your around the same people or a similar group, bring it up.

    And then be like after that I got curious myself.... So I stuck an eraser in your ass while you were asleep...... and couldnt get it out before you woke up...
  11. lmfaaaaaooooooooo thats hilarious !!

    what was going through her mind at the time :| lmao
  12. :yummy:Guess that gives new meaning to finger hash
  13. Buy her some dental dams for christmas if she really wants to play.

  14. And? Lot's of great nerve ending back there! :hello:

    I do understand that there is a homophobic fear of any sort of anal play for guys, but that prejudice might be keeping you from something you really enjoy!

  15. Wow, you could be onto something...... I do enjoy a good poo.

  16. Seriously, get high, get in the shower and slip yourself a well-lubed finger while you masturbate. Your next step will be getting on amazon and picking up a toy or two -- why should women be the only ones enhancing their pleasure with toys?

    You just might like it, and there is nothing gay about about being sexually excited by stimulating the right nerve endings!

  17. hmmm for some reason i just don't feel right doing that, but w.e. floats your boat!
  18. Glad you let us know

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