Discussion in 'General' started by phuckmjlaws, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. Anyone else see this movie yet? I just saw it tonight and it was awesome. Freaky as hell, kinda reminded me of The Sixth Sense but a lot scarier.
  2. random movie, big ole plot holes and hard to follow... not too great id say
  3. where were the plot holes? I loved it, it wasn't as creative as the sixth sense, but it was damn entertaining and damn scary at times.
  4. sorry the problems were more "how the hell did the person know that or know to do that" type of problems". not so much plot holes. the characters would suddenly gain some random insight or do a random action that just so happens to be right.

    the dialogue was beyond cheesy, and the story was pretty random and non believable even for a horror movie.

    and the "scary" parts were so cheap. i dont consider a movie "scary" if all they do to scare u is play creepy music and have things pop out of corners and stuff like that. all the scary parts were just a creepy image and some creepy music. its like those flash animations that suddenly change into some random gory pic. sure it scares u but how cheap is taht?
    if the movie aint still scaring u days after u see it, its not a good horror movie.

    about the only good thing this movie had was atmosphere. at least that was consistent.

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