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  1. So today I had sex with this chick that i met 3 days ago.

    pretty much had her on monday but she was on her period so i toughened it out until today so i could do the deed.

    Anyways, now that I'm done with her, I want to get rid of her
    ( terrible wording, but im high so i cant be bothered to sound nicer....apologies to those offended haha )

    ive told her i dont want a relationship, and she says its fine.
    ive deleted her off facebook, deleted her off my phone, i just wanna make sure im cutting ties properly.

    another thing is that i skate(board) alot, and i met her at the skatepark on monday cause thats where she hangs out, i dont know why...


    Seduced this girl in 3 days, now i don't want to talk to her but im going to see her around. how do i confirm i dont want anything to do with her anymore?

    and after i said i didnt want a relationship she continued to text me
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    lol you're a douche. Man up and handle it else let your pettiness ruin you

    [And that was your last chance. Learning curve on following the rules needed to be just a tad shorter. -FW]
  3. Just keep the conversation short. Its just a girl not your mother. She'll know the deal.
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    Alright. There is a difference between 'hey i dont want a relationship' and 'we're gonna fuck and I don't ever want to hear from you again' I'm sure when you said you didn't want a serious thing she didn't know it involved absolutly ignoring each other after you had sex. Just man up, go straight to her and tell her EXACTLY that you don't want anything to do with her anymore instead of beating around the bush.

  5. Yeah. If you are gonna be that much of a assbag at least man up to it.
  6. I don't know why you'd burn ties to this gift of a drunk/high/bored booty call that just fell into your lap. Unless she's ugly.

  7. He fucked her on her period he's trying to erase that memory and every time he sees her he's gonna be reminded about that sexy time. He doesn't want to be reminded of the sexy time hence the douche baggery. Just man up just because you feel like shit for feeling desperate doesn't mean you should make someone else feel like shit

  8. He said he waited til she was off it. But yeah, if you do wanna burn ties then you're probably gonna need to be direct about it.
  9. Misread it but it still fucked. You wouldn't want someone to dump you like that after using you
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    Yeah, I mean it's fucked up either way but I guess its better than dragging it out.

  11. [ame=""]YouTube - Unforgivable #1[/ame] this you?
  12. Why is he a douche if he told her he wanted nothing to do with her? She knew whats up, and if he fucked her after 3 days i really wouldnt want a relationship with somebody that easy.

    Just tell her straight up you dont want anything at all with her
  13. This thread amuses me....

    This is totally going to backfire on you - you're making it into too big a deal.

    You've told her you don't want a relationship so leave it at that and just don't talk to her. You don't have to go to so much trouble lol.
  14. Hmm, a douchebag in training. I'm pretty sure the first time will be hard, but you'll get used to tossing girls aside in no time... maybe you should watch a few episodes of jersey shore.
  15. bro fukem and forget em if you see her act like you never met her before she'll get the picture
  16. Pretty messed up man. Girls are a lot more fragile than guys, not tryin to get emotional here just being respectful according to the situation.

    Looks like your gonna have to find a new place to skate if you dont wanna see her again.

    The least you can do is talk to her and let her down easy, its the man way to do things. Plus she wont be fucked up emotionally for the next guy she meets.

    DO the right thing :)
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    i did tell her i dont want anything to do with her, and this is the reason. 3 days is too easy. no thanks for a relationship with that easy. you know whatsup sir, +1

    edit: she moved away today, she didnt even live in my town i geuss, she was justt visiting, so it worked out anyways
  18. aren't you lucky....... :rolleyes:
  19. yeah i kindof had the same situation except i barely knew the girl and she came after me. I told her i didnt want a relationship and she agree'd at first but then she got clingy so i had to completely cut it off. Like all i knew about her was her first name and thats it. I felt bad but i had told her my circumstances..and we were both drunk...

    Glad to hear everything worked out for you
  20. Thats such a wrong attitude man.
    I dont like to use the concepts right and wrong, but if youre still in that type of mindstate then I'd say, enquire yourself.
    Dont ask us for things like this, as many people said, man up and handle your business.
    Its like getting a new job, did some work, got some money, and then never going there again, cause u got your money and peaced.

    Handle your business, the best of luck with it.
    Too bad I have to say; I hope you will change.
    Cause thats not a compassionate or respectful way to treat a human being or any being.
    Especially after they gave you such trust as to have sex with you.

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