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Got weed taken by concert security...ohh

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mwish94, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Last night at slightly stoopid when I went into the concert I was drunk and high and I never been to a concert before, so when i saw ppl getting searched when they went in, I put my weed in my waistband. I just kinda freaked out right before and put it there without really thinking, i shouldve at least pushed it under my belt I was just retarded. So he took my 2.5 gs i was so pissed such a buzzkill right before the concert I was so fukin pissed still am :mad:
  2. you know they smoked that shit......:p
    it is one of the bonuses of their job.....;):smoking:
  3. yea im sure they did... if i just kept in in my pocket i woulda been fine thats what really gets me. they're more looking for weapons and shit u know? Im so pissed at myself

  4. i always leave the shit in my pocket...and havent had a problem yet.....
    and thats alot of years of concerts....:eek:

    we all make mistakes sometimes...fuck time you know better!
    be glad it was not the law.....;):smoking:
  5. I kno man i was really happy i didnt get arrested as i was afraid i might. but seriously.. FUCK
  6. You'd never been to a concert in 18+ years?
  7. Simply learn from your mistakes bro..I always wore compression shorts (like for athletics) under my boxers and just shove it by my nuts bro.. atleast in my many different run ins with the law over years I've never had them pat my nuts..and if they do they better have a dammmmmmn good reason:devious:
  8. yea im 18 never been to a concert before.. forreal it was a bangin time still got to light up with my friends and shit but it was just a straight buzzkill right off the bat

    Fucking age police always ruin threads, honestly unless they explicitly state their age or strongly infer it, than just leave them alone. Even if they do, just report it and move on instead of derailing entire threads.


    Anyways, as for the topic, that sucks big time bro.
  10. what is a waistband?

  11. lmao.........the part of ones pants or undies that goes round the wast.....;):smoking:
    occasionally elastic depending on the article of clothing in question!

  12. kinda reminds me of the last concert i went to. we got to the line and then i noticed they were waving those wands around people, checkin pockets and shit and i was like "OH FUCK! What drugs did i leave in my pocket?!" luckily my drug buffet was in the car lol, i woulda been fucked

  13. Seriously?

  14. Its where you put unexpected boners duh.

    OP: I am sorry for your loss. :(
  15. really sucks but it was only like 2.5, i prob wouldve smoked it all up anyway.. still got to blaze tho
  16. fuck dude i'm just jealous you saw slightly stoopid. weed is always worth the possibility of being lost when you take it to a concert.
  17. I don't understand how did they find it in your waistband ? How would having it in your pocket be better ? What common mistake did you make ?
  18. they were patting ppl down but didnt make them empty i think. I didnt tuck it under my belt so when he patted down my waistband he felt it so he asked me to hand it over. so dumb of me but w.e. shit happens
  19. that sucks man, i'm sure there were other people blazing though you could have bought a gram or something off someone to stay ripped! when i went to a wiz khalifa concert i had almost a half oz rolled up into a dozen j's and they didn't search anyone haha. i put it down my pants too though just in case they did, but i didn't have a problem.

    putting it down your pants is definitely the best place to put it, but never put it in your waistband. my first year of university i put a mickey of captain morgan in my waistband thinking that was the safest place to put it.. but really your waistband is actually the very first place they check lol. actually it was the only place they checked, all they did was do a quick put around the waist, i was just an idiot. ended up with a $100 open alcohol ticket and $150 underage drinking ticket, total buzzkill for the football game.

    anyways next time make sure it's under your balls in your gooch! they never pat you down well enough to find it there haha.
  20. yea word to that, the first place he checked was my waistband, but hey, it was my first concert so it was a common mistake i bet for a noob

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