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Got weed, but no piece

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by icystriker, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. So, I got some free bud from a friend. Not alot, but like 1/2 a gram. I lost my bard for my gbong, and don't know what to do. Pipes are really harsh on my lungs and don't get me as high, not to mention I don't have one. Lightbulb vapes never work for me. How should I smoke this shit? (I don't want edibles because it takes too much time/weed and stanks up my hause)
  2. lawl, just go to your LHS and buy yourself a one-hitter. they're usually 3-4 bucks and way better than anything you'll probably ever make..

    save yourself the hassle.
  3. Just buy a fuckin' piece
  4. Fuck lightbulb vapes, I almost died from one.. But anyways if your going to get high and you have nothing don't be a pussy and don't smoke pipes. Your a stoner. Grab sum nuts man.

    But here are a couple ideas you can do.

    Make an apple pipe, simple, but instead of a hole at the top get a knife and put slits. Works absolutely PERFECT, just as good as glass if you do it right.

    Make another Gbong, super easy.. But they're also the harshest/get you the highest.

    Make a waterfall. Same concept as Gbong but a hole where you release water. Usually stale but still gets you fuckin ripped.

    Use a soda/monster can. Just dent one half and put a few small holes/one large one and smoke your bowl.

    Use a socket or foil and make a home made bong. I made one last night and it works fucking amazing. Fat rips, huge milks. Also it's fun and creative.

    Take knife hits, where you heat up 2 knifes and compress the bud inbetween them and then suck up the smoke.

    Those are just some I can think off the top of my head. Goodluck. And if you have any questions just google what it is you will surely find an amazing explanation.
  5. make a pisser
  6. If you have bud, you'll have peace soon enough... Lol.

    Seriously, though. Try an apple. Worked for me after I dropped my bowl.
  7. grab an empty soda or beer can (depends on what you have ahaha) put a dent in it put some holes in the dent to act as a screen and poke a hole in the side as a carb. put the herb on the makeshift screen cover the carb and light up! Works in a pinch when you dont have a piece. I used to do this for like a month while I was on probation in grade 11 and my rents took my pieces for a month as punishment, i made can pipes smoked out of them and threw the can in the dumpster afterwards no problems.
  8. go to a damn gas station and get some papers :confused:
  9. roll ajoint. what is that, like 1 paper.
  10. Hmm. I guess ill try to make another gbong.

  11. 2 papers if you want to smoke it all (assuming it's 2 grams).
  12. Today a buddy and I where going to get blazed, so we park our bake spot pack his new sherlock fat and go to spark it... no lighter. So he tries to light his bowl with the car lighter thing and after like 5 minutes no luck so i had the idea to cut a soda bottle in half and use that to suck the smoke of the red hot car lighter when weed was dropped on it. If you let the smoke build up you can get a good hit too hahah. Ghetto as fuck but got us baked haha
  13. Time to spark your imagination and think of some creative, homemade pieces.
  14. I got a piece.....send ya bud here.
  15. #15 S0UR, Aug 1, 2011
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    What's your address? :p
  16. No such thing as no piece! That being said, there IS such thing as not having a healthy piece. If you're looking to smoke tonight, you can jimmy something up. If you have time though, a small glass pipe is perfect because you can control how much you smoke and conserve that half g a little better
  17. make a pipe out of an apple (use tin foil to make a bowl, and then a screen over that so you don't burn any foil. or, just the screen)

    or go to the store and buy rolling papers/a blunt wrap
  18. Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrppppppppppppp
  19. just make a waterfall bong out of a water bottle, that or an apple.
  20. #20 DyerMaker, Aug 2, 2011
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    Apple Pipe, sir. And to the dude that says use foil as a bowl.. No sir. You can take a chunk of apple and put it in the hole as a screen then use plug nugs then fill er up. NO FOIL!

    Edit: Just realized he said put a screen over the foil.. still no need for the foil though, eh? :smoke:

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