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Got WAY too high at once?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by aasd551, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. Like 2 weeks ago I was smoking with friends and I noticed I was higher than usual. Then suddenly I felt a come-up of some feeling, like there was something going to my brain. Then boom, it's as if I suddenly just lost consciousness while still being awake. I couldn't really think as I was just completely overwhelmed, not by my choice. I wasn't "freaking out" because I was that high. I just couldn't do anything or think anything. I somewhat thought I could have died. Like, this was much more than just getting really high. I somehow had the brain power to decide to lie down on the bed. During this time I was still kind of "unconscious." Then I snapped back to consciousness. I thought back and was like "wait whoa, that actually happened?" Literally everything since getting "knocked out" felt like it was a dream. And then 5 seconds later I gained even more consciousness.

    I honestly don't know what happened, other than that I probably just got way more high than I should ever handle, but I still don't really know. I never thought I was smoking too much at that time. I never thought weed could do that.
  2. What strain? How was it smoked...blunt, bowl, joint or something? Also, how often do you smoke? Sounds like you just had some strong smoke is all... Definitely nothing to worry about unless you had some negative signs. Now it is possible that it was laced if you got from a unknown source... Some like to lace with the embalming fluid... called wet or something I believe.

    The first time I smoked a blunt...I was like 15 maybe 16...had this girlfriend that lived really close so she would invite her other girlfriends over and I would invite my other friends over so we could all get together at her house.... anyway it was me and one other of my friends and her brother and one of his we were going to get some gas for the dirt bikes....on the way back Ronnie the brother pulls out a blunt and asked if me and my friend had ever smoked a blunt... I didn't even know what it was because I had only ever seen a joint. Hell at that point I didn't know anything about weed except I liked to smoke it.. So we both said heck yeah we wanna smoke!! So we proceed to hot box his truck in the ride back...took us bout 10 minutes to arrive back to his house...well we get out and act like nothing is different, now I'm nice and relaxed.. just starting to really feel the head high. Krystal the girl I was seeing was super horny and was always wanting to do something sexual....we were all sitting up on the deck just talking and eating some hot links... Well she looks at me all serious with a hot link in her hand and moves it up and down and says Skeetttttt...... straight cracked me up!! I laughed at that shit for another 30 minutes easy!! Ok so after all the fun we all go home. I woke up the next morning and my nose starts bleeding and I'm all pale and still high from that blunt. To ths day I still wonder if it was laced with something or it was just really good smoke. I've NEVER been that high again. Not even close.

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  3. Weed most likely was a creeper aka it creeps up on you
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  4. keep fresh whole black peppercorns on hand and chew on one or two to balance out a bad high or general anxiety... you can mortar pestle and smell it too for quicker relief... another way is to use citicoline to stop or slow down thc effects if you take to much
  5. Yeah man when weed is like a rollercoaster just get lost in the amusement of the park all dayyyy...
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