got walked in on by my mom getting laid

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  1. so i've been back from school for a few weeks now and it's bee pretty boring. nothing really to do except indulge in past vices & stimuli, really. for this time i've been seeing an old fling and pretty much fucking everyday at my place. we usually can get our shit done no problem but tonight was a little different.

    mid fuck, she's riding my cock like those chicks that ride mechanical bulls. i hear my mom call me to ask me the stupidest, most useless question, (whether or not i need the ONLY fucking suitcase I have to give to my sister and her fucking stupid ass should know cuz she bought it). and even though she asked the question she still felt the need to open the fucking door while we are doing our thing. luckily, as soon as my girl heard the voice she hopped off and covered herself quickly. but as my mom opened the door she started to realize what was going on and walked in my room and started asking "who is that?" multiple times even though she knew who the fuck it was... to make matters worse she walks in the room and starts talking to this girl asking her what was going on & if she had a ride home (meanwhile we're butt-naked and her hair is a mess, she can barely breathe because she's so embarrassed. then my mom proceeds to back out, turn the lights off (i left them on) & close the door.

    i'm so fucking pissed at this stupid bitch i have to call my mom. she wouldn't even let us get decent before engaging us in an actual conversation... meanwhile, she's invading my privacy even though she knows a girl i get intimate with is there. why the fuck is she so dumb and blind? not everyone wants to be seen fucking naked mid fuck like you, you saggy old hag. i'm planning on engaging her in a conversation and giving her a piece of my mind cuz this girl is so embarrassed & i feel really bad. her actions were unnecessary.

    do i have a point here? i don't want to make myself look like an idiot but she didn't have to be in the room a whole minute while we were naked and confused about why she would do such a thing in the first place... fuck my life, my mom is such an idiot.
  2. Clearly she wanted to join in OP
  3. You should be more thankful towards the woman who raised you.
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    1) what does my thread have to do about thanks? my rage & my thankfulness for things my mother has done for me are two completely separate things. when i see my mom, i see two people, the person who raised me as kin & a normal human being. i'm not going to let the fact she's done many things for me deter me from the fact she enjoys being a bitch even though i love her eternally. i love my fucking mom to death but she's definitely the biggest BITCH i've ever met 100 fold and i'm not gonna lie or sugarcoat it. anyone who would do that for the sake of their mom is a tool and chooses to be blind. i see people for who they are regardless of relation.

    2) from your perspective i look like an ungrateful shit, i know, but from my perspective she's always sticking her nose in shit that's not her business and it gets annoying. everyone knows it and acknowledges it. my dad, my sisters, my friends, her friends, our extended family, her co-workers. if so many groups separate groups of people acknowledge this trait you know it makes you think there's some sort of dysfunction. both of you get off your high horses.
  5. Wow ... Ok first off dont have sex with ur mom home u genius . That chick was daring enough to fuck under ur mothers roof which is pretty disrespectful i mean wtf i rather be in a ca and he caught by a cop then the guys mother and no i dont blame u for being pissed ur an idiot but ur mom sounds like she ether A.geniunly was confused and reacted horribly or just naturally annoying ... If i was ur mom i would be like oh shit close the door avoid ur girl for a week or so and act like it never happened . But i would chew ur ass out somewhere along the lines of after ur chick left until u got sick of hearing me bitch
  6. My point is respect her enough to make SURE not to get caught if i felt my son genuinely tried to avoid putting me in that situation cool then but she does sound nutty
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    Grow up
    ungrateful kid

    You're a bitch not your mother
  8. He's not ungrateful he's just humiliated and upset and doesn't understand why his mom made an already horrible situation worst u need to realize if she wasnt a certain way he wouldn't respond to harshly
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    lol, someone is projecting their own life situation into my scenario. don't get it twisted, kid. your mom might be a saint and lick your nuts but mine goes out of her way to be a cunt to everyone more times then not. that's why she's always getting into altercations at work & with her own close family.

    i tried and had to pay over a $100 fine... that first time kinda deterred me from pushing my luck again...

    thank you.... she could have just left and gave me a hard time afterward... instead of embarrassing her like that's her child too. she already doesn't like coming here because she feels my family doesn't like her. now she's like 'your mom definitely hates me'. my mom was the only person she felt extended themselves to her. my dad doesn't really like people that aren't related to him and she got a cold feeling from him when they first met. she feels like my sisters dislike her because they don't really respond when she tries to be nice & my grandmother doesn't speak a lick of english so that creates a natural barrier. it creates a figurative wall & we're isolated to my room the whole time she's here since she doesn't feel comfortable anywhere else and doesn't want to disturb others in the household. you'd think my mom having this knowledge and being well aware of it would respect the privacy of the room more. i almost always have my door open. if it's closed it's because i want to be left alone. i'm mad because almost like she did it on purpose. her question may have been genuine but only used it as an excuse to actually open the door for her real motive to be nosy... and it pisses me off she would do something like that. why would you wanna see this girl naked as a grown woman??
  10. You're an ungrateful little piece of shit.

    Edit: maybe she wasn't expecting you to be fucking or plain didn't know you little shit.
  11. I'm with you op. If she knew you had a girl over then there was no reason to come in the room. I do however think you should lock the door :poke:

    If you haven't walked a mile in op's shoes you can't judge him
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    Well, hmm :/ you say you had a girl over at "your" place, but you live in your MOTHER's house, right? No matter how annoying she is, it's her property and she has the right to open any doors she wants to. You shouldn't have chicks over when you know your sister and mother are around, it's disrespectful.

    However, it was wrong of your mother to stick around when she knew the situation was uncomfortable and make it worse. You should have been more careful, but she should have exited when she knew that she had walked in on something and waited to talk to you about it afterwards. Basically, if you want to do something you consider "private", don't do it on somebody else's property while they're within hearing distance.

    Also, when you're trying to get people to agree with you, coming off like an ass doesn't help your case. Chill out with the curse words and the insults and think before you speak. I understand that you are embarrassed, but it will only aggravate the situation.

    Finally, if you KNOW she is a nosy person, then it was especially shortsighted for you not to realize that this could eventually be a likely outcome.
  13. Trust me i can totally understand where you are coming from op. Imo seriously you need not to rage why this happened. You could have let it boiled over if you went about it with the right mentality(shit happens).

    Maybe your mom is just that kind of person, and trust me i can picture a mom that i know of(not mine) that would do it just like the mom i imagined in your story. instead of raging you need to have a talk with her. Tell her you dont prefer if she walks in your room if the door is closed, without knocking.

    you may think im a wacko but i seriously think your mom went in your room with the best intentions , after discovering you were having secks, then felt embarassed and stuck around to try and make the situation better(by asking the chick if shes good on a ride home)

    you want an answer, some closure to why she would do something like this, but in reality it just happened to you. Move on yo

    trust me, try to look at it from her perspective

  14. no point in trying to judge him. The great people of gc just want to offer him advice. and hell yea. just like you saw the guy with the 5 year old brother who walked in on him. You guys might want to start taking advantage of those locks on the door
  15. She definately wanted to join in

    Hot as fuck

    Omega369 :wave:
  16. Get your own house
  17. If you don't pay the bills. She can do what ever she fuckin wants.
  18. Put something on your door knob so she knows when she absolutely CAN NOT enter. Ask her if she wants to catch you masturbating... that'll scare her away!
  19. Dude this exact same scenario has happened to me and a few of my friends years ago when I was in High-school. I even had the courtesy to lock the door and everything and my mom's just naturally nosy and annoying sometimes. I realize that she was just looking out for me but at the same time I should've have known better and respected her enough to not have sex while she was home. Simple as that.
  20. crazy mother bitch...

    get out while you have the chance bro...might wake up with her staring at you or someshit

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