got totally fucked.... again!

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, May 2, 2006.

  1. this is some fuckin bullshit, i went to my old work today to pickup my last paycheck and this dude who hands out the checks tells me that i dont fuckin get one because supposedly i unplugged a freezer n they had to buy the customer all new food, n i know for a fuckin fact i didnt do it because i make it a point that a freezer/refridgerator stays plugged in when i'm painting around it (and if its the job i think it is, we didnt even move that freezer because it was to big we just painted behind it with a small roller) because i think when i unplug it its like the food gets a little bit badder than it should be if its not cold for a few minutes (i dunno i'm weird)

    but this totally fucks me cuz i was relying on this check to be able to make some money while i try to find another job because i'm deadass broke right now, so i cant even make a fuckin comeup until i'm employed again.

    god fucks me so bad dude i wanna know what i did to him to have daily fuckups like i do
  2. I don't know, maybe you should search all your topics where you fucked people over=X
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  3. threaten your employer with a civil lawsuit (you can sue him for 3X what he owes you in most states).

    if that doesn't work, file the paperwork and go for it.

    besides, by law, an employer DOES NOT have the ability or the right to withhold pay because of a claim that you owe them money for something.
  4. i don think i've fucked to many people over honestly, cuz for the most part i do my own thing n dont interfere with people

    and as for the civil lawsuit, thats my plan if i dont get a check
  5. do what weedzilla said..worth a shot right? but don't do the paperwork, cause you don't have the money for a lawyer :laughing:
  6. he dosn't need a lawyer. all he needs to say is that they didn't pay me, easy as that

  7. okay do it1
  8. yea but i'm still fucked even with the civil case, cuz what the hell am i supposed to do to get any money for the next 2-3 weeks until i find a job, n thats if i get a job within a realistic period of time
  9. update for neg,

    i just asked my father (he's very knowledgible about employement law and other legal matters) and he said what you should do is:

    call your manager on the phone (you do not want a face to face encounter has this could get hostile and result in further alienation) or you may even want to speak to the asst mngr instead.

    tell him that if you do not recieve your check in the mail w/in 5 days that your are filing a complaint with your respective state's department of labor.

    trust me on this, employers would rather eat worms than have to deal w/the d.o.l. plus, this will save you the trouble of having to file a lawsuit.

    i feel confident, negligent, that if you follow my advice you'll get your pay check.

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  10. ^^^ +rep for you for sure dude, that solves my 3 week problem into 5 days at tops if they go for that (which they probably will because their cheap bastards n cant afford to lose any of thier precious money)
  11. HAHAHAHAHA nice.

  12. beat me to it, i just asked my dad about it, i got pretty much the same exact response haha
  13. Neg, where you live?

    It you live in the GTA, i could give you a temporary job if you're desperate.
  14. considerin you live in canada i live nowhere near there, i live around pittsburgh Pennsylvania
  15. keep us updated with what the fuckers end up doing

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