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Got too high..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by drakeofclubs, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Ok so I wouldn't call myself an "apprentice toker" but this topic seems to belong more in here :p

    So last saturday I got this nice indica and kickass sativa (lamb's bread and blue cheese I think they were called) and I hit two huge bowls out of my bong and smoked a cigarette. For the first hour I was really chill and felt mega happy, only sketching a few times when i hit my foot against our gutter.
    But then when I got inside and watched tv in the semi-dark I started to feel like a nauseated feeling in my stomach. Then it moved up to my lungs and I started breathing really hard and then it suddenly felt like my entire body was vibrating. I put my head on the table and slept for a few minutes but when I looked up it seemed like the entire world was melting and that freaked me out. Then when I went upstairs to lay in bed I kept hearing voices and shit but finally I chilled out and felt great again.

    anyone know about this/experienced it? I'm wondering what might have caused it...
  2. dawg you were hearing voices? what do you mean? like distinct voices talking to you or just faint voices?
  3. You might have almost greened out.
  4. like I knew they were in my head faintly but at some points I thought they were real
  5. greened out?
  6. You were at an uncomfortable high level, and then you came down to a nice high level.

    Masturbating or eating food will always bring you to a nice comfortable level of high.
  7. Greening out? Wtf is that

    I've smoked absurd amounts for years and years and never greened out.

    I think its just falling asleep.
  8. you just got too high. our brain perceives noises and images from memory most of the time, and that's why we think we see and hear things that aren't there. Wind whispering through a keyhole or against something outside can sound like people talking about you or just whatever your brain can imagine. Add smoking a bunch of weed which can help cause paranoia and ya. As for seeing everything melt, idk. if you've done other drugs, that could have an impact on it.
  9. Sounds like the weed is bringing out the schizo in you.

  10. I think everyone's different.

    Dont fuck with him like that. Unless your serious, in which case I doubt it. OP just got really fucked up. protip: Dont smoke on an empty stomach.
  11. Greenin out, greenin out, greenin out, greenin out
    (sung to the melody of buggin out) Hehe
  12. [quote name='"HxCurt"']Greening out? Wtf is that

    I've smoked absurd amounts for years and years and never greened out.

    I think its just falling asleep.[/quote]

    That's what greening out is smoking so much to the point where you pass out

  13. Thats when you get really high to the point of feeling like shit and/or passing out.
  14. it's happened to me before but that was because i smoked a few hours after eating an edible
  15. Things like this happen to me a lot when I heavily smoke sativas. It might actually be like CSterbz said, it's bringing the schizo out in me. But each time it happens, I love it, because I know it's just the weed. Like this one time, my friends and I were smoking in his backyard, and I had been staring at this tree, and the bark turned into a 2D map that resembled an old video game, and all the plants around me looked happy. Then, when the houses AC turned on, I thought it was techno music until someone told me otherwise.

  16. I was being serious, Just saw "heard voices" and suspected that. I've heard that weed can bring out unknown illnesses in people, one of which being schizophrenia ( make it worse or make it noticeable)

    I've gotten really, really fucked up before too and never heard voices.
  17. It just made everything super scary and super not cool. but oftentimes I can get that ripped and not freak out.
  18. I've also heard that if someone smokes a cigarette too quickly after getting high, they can hallucinate really badly. I've seen it happen to my friend. I literally had to keep reassuring him we weren't dead until he finally came down. He was freaking out so bad.
  19. that really hasn't happened to me too much .w. usually cigarettes make me feel super euphoric, but i'll keep that in mind when I blaze tonight

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