Got to smoke a J in class :D

Discussion in 'General' started by gr0wer, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. Last thursday i brought in a nice 20 bag of my buds i grew to sell to a kid 3rd period, not realizing how skunky the shit get single baged and in my warm pocket. One of the kids in my Gov't class near me mentioned a werid smell :D. The teacher was deffenetly checking me out to see if i was high or just had some and she was walking around the room and constanty pausing near me just to check, I was nervous but knew i want in much danger cuz shees cool.

    In my gov't class yesterday class was split into groups and we all were all assigned a political party that we have to pick the 3 main issues and mime them out. Luky me we got the Green party :D. We were given paper to make props and crap so i initated the rolling process. A few seconds later it was one massive joint, would have easily been 1/2 oz. Too bad it was paper :(. Still it was great, I walked up there buzzing off 30mg of adderall (ADD medicine thats just legal speed, and i didnt take in in over 2 weeks so i had no tollerance) and mime smoked a fat J smiling my ass off with the whole class lauging with me and the (young) teacher giving me a smile with a hint of lauging. It was the best "yes i smoke weed and im dam proud of it" experience ever in school.
  2. thats pretty cool man....i can think of a single class i could do that in a get away with it...glad u had a good day
  3. well im a senior, so most classes you can express your true feelings and beliefs feeely. because bottom line even if it inst generaly accepted its still your belief.
  4. cool :] The greatest would be to have a stoner teacher, anyone that have had one?
  5. my graph artist professor is a stoner. there is no denying it. he has a long ass pony tail he rides a ducatti, and he jus bullshits with us. we sit there and talk about all the crazy shit he's done, bikes he's wrecked and bought, we havent discussed the green topic yet, but one morning the man came in smelling of some serious chronic, and he was more dazed then there. it was hilarious.
  6. I have a stoner teacher, Ive smoked a bowl in his class with a buddy he caught us and said save it for after school i dont wanna get any weird calls from parents. lol hes way chill. Hes seriously the best teacher in the world.
  7. i was in a class one time and we had a substitute teacher, anyway me an my mate were sitting in our back corner an he was checking peoples essays an shit, when he came over to us he said to my mate 'fuckin hell u stink of dope mate, u smell like an attic garden' lol my mate just told him he didnt know wat an attic garden smelt like, the guy told us how he used to do acid an shit, was pretty funny.
  8. Thats sick! I wish i had teachers like that.
  9. yea, my 3d art teachers a stoner. he has a long ponytail and listens to greatful dead every day. it hasnt come up in any convo, but theres rumors of students smokin with the man. id say thats pretty cool.
  10. One of my teachers definately smokes. He'll just zone off in class and stuff, eyes look like they were made of glass. Red glass, hah. Always talks about the Dead and the Who. Really cool guy, good teacher too.

    Then we got a substitute whos there quite a bit. Guy is waaaay out there. Tells us how he single handidly got his whole school involved in LSD when he was in high school. Tells us about the Doors concerts in LA and shit. He always responds to stuff all weird and philiosophical too, its great. One time in class he overheard some kids saying, "Yeah, he took a few hits off the bong and just passed out hardcore." And he was like, "Hmmm, seems like a waste of weed to me."

  11. lol, back when I was in school, a few of my teachers toked, as well as the principal. I'm sure everyone that worked thwere did... but I only have 'proof' of some. suspicions of the rest.
  12. i had 2 teachers that were stoners, one was my keyboarding teacher.. he used to buy weed from my friend, but would never smoke with him lol... then i had my plant science teacher who was a big ass pot head and told me he lost a brother from weed... then like a month later i had to write a report on any plant and i wrote one on weed... he read it.. and it had info on the states that have medical marijuana and he was so happy that washington allowed it.. then he told me he was gonna look into it!! and then one day i was reeking of pot and he told me if i was gonna smoke i better share LOL!! he was probably joking but still pretty funny... he was fuckin cool
  13. never had one personally....but one of my friends did it was his english teacher/siminar teacher in highskool....he said one day she caught him smoking out side one day and after that they would smoke right b4 siminar and at the end of it...
  14. my junior year english teacher was pretty cool. it seemed like he must have been blazed everyday in class or heavily medicated b/c we never did anything; he just fucked around on his computer the whole class or shot the shit with us. english was right after lunch so we always figured he took advatage of his lunch break to smoke (just like every other pot head at my school) i always refered to him by his first name, marc, because well, he just did not give a shit. he would hardly ever show up on mondays because he got too fucked up the night before. marc was also really into the band widespread panic and would always take days off school to go and see them play, even out of state. i remember i ran ito him at this 3 day outdoor music festival, we were both stoned out of our minds, and went to some awesome concerts at the festival. marc did not give a shit in the coolest way. senior year, when i was not in his class, we still chilled and i had lunch with him a few times but unfortunatly did not get the chance to smoke. we always planned in class that we were going to slip him a special brownie, man that would have been awesome. hey the guy even wrote me a letter of rec for college...i wish there were more chill teachers, they are easier to relate to and learn from.
  15. one of my teachers used to be an acid head.. but he's all cleaned up and shit.. really religious. still a cool teacher though/
  16. All the teachers in my high school knew me and my group of friends all puffed tons of chronic. They knew we were always getting high at school too, they busted us down for being high and didnt do anything about it.

    The cool part was most of the teachers liked us and always joked around with us too. Even the principle knew we smoked weed and didnt really care.

    We used to smoke joints behind the school and come right in to class all the time.

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