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Got to quit..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. I've got to quit for two weeks for my TDOT health card for my CDLs. I have to have a physical and drug test..

    I guess it's not to bad as I don't have to get one but every two years!
  2. suck it up, be a man :D
    its what allll the boys round here gotta do every couupla years.

    *someones gonna have a littttle pms round here sides us girls*

  3. damn that sucks man, i know i could do it but i sure as hell wouldnt like it. stay strong!
  4. it's good for you, it is nice to take a break every now and then. besides, after you take it there will be a nice bake down with the newly lowered tolerance.

    although it is rough quitting pot and meat at the same time. you can do it though.
  5. well that sucks that u gotta take a long break, but u should just suck it up and atleast u will get your tolerance down, and just think that after your physical, u can lay on the couch with a pizza and a fatty, and get more fucked up then usual because your tolerance will be down! :):) good luck!
  6. I'll smoke a J for you tomorrow....when I get paid :D
  7. I don't have any problem quitting for months. If I could quit these fucking cigarettes that easy!!!!!

    I'll have some fresh spiked brownies when I get back after having my physical!
  8. bleh, maybe its good for ya
    I need a reason to take a break n get some tolerence back :p
  9. Good luck with the drug test:D

  10. good to see you got the priorities straight. THAT sounds like a plan! :)
  11. Drinking stuff won't get it out of your system. It gets stored in your fat so working out will help move it out of your system. Drinking water/cranberry juice/whatever will dilute your urine and that can help you pass your test, but they can tell if you your urine is too diluted by testing for certain other things. Take some vitamin B to get that yellow color back and I hear stuff like creatine can help put some of the stuff back in your urine that they check for to make sure it isnt diluted.

  12. when they say they can tell if its too diluted they mean if you put like water or any extra liquid in the cup itself, so it wont hurt you to drink water or anything at all
  13. ...... the cranberry juice actually helps flush out your urine, cleans out your kidneys and all.... it helps for a short term solution.....
  14. Actually I was reading on erowid if you drink a whole lot then it supersaturates your body and your urine becomes "diluted."
  15. I'm not worried about anything being in my urine. They do a blood test! That means it will still show up unless you qui early enough or you take a solution to interact with the blood!

    BTW the wife got a call today and they have changed it to tommorrow. WOW! Fuck me running through briars!!!
  16. Damn, Bud Head!! :(


    I don't know what to say. I'll send you some good luck vibes to help out. (Are you worried? I'm a little worried for you!)
  17. Why worry about it now.. Nothing I can do about it but see what happens..

    I have some things that i'm doing to help. the blood test is a bugger to pass though. I have a couple of ideas runnig through my head..

    I have a friend who smoked all week to go to work on thursday and was told there was a DT on Friday. She drank a half gallon of cranberry juice and eat alot of veggies with tomato juice and onions. She passed with no problem..

    Watch out for onion breath and red piss! LMAO
  18. We had such a bad problem with our drivers that the DOT started coming in here and pulling hair samples for the drug tests. Maybe if you had some hair, you wouldn't have to do the blood test.:p

    Just teasing! Good Luck, you'll pass your test. You are too smart not to figure out a way on how to pass.
  19. Well I just got back..

    I was a little worried this morning but It's all good now..

    They did the blood test and urine test. It has been three days since I smoked..

    A trace showed up in the blood. When the female doctor came in to do the rest of the physical, she asked me how I liked my THC..

    I was thinking aw fuck....

    She said not to worry. I asked her why she was letting me slide.. She said that the THC was low and that she was against people being drug tested when they are only working in a 50 mile radious..

    So thankfully I have my card and I'm waiting for my brownies to finish cooking!

    I'm going to be fucked up the rest of the day!!!!!

    I don't want no hair.. they could take it off my hairy ass if they need it that bad!!!1
  20. Damn, you are so lucky Bud Head!!! You had one hell of a cool doctor :)

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