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got ticketed and stole the pot back from the police

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Wellhungfish, May 28, 2010.

  1. Ohh man so 2 hours ago me and my friends got pulled over for not having a park sticker in a state park. Our vehicle smelled horrible and after getting the drivers information asked him out for questions and a pat down. Well he never comes back i get possession and he goes to jail for duid. Me and my other friend were there couldn't drive because we were baked so the cops tow my friends car with my weed hidden in the dashboard. 20 minutes later i went to the impound lot and the car was unlocked so i took it back!!! Omg my heart was beating so fast because this tiny impound lot in my tiny city was right beside the police station, and the cop that got us was parked there. So i hop up on the trailer and get in and grab it out of a false air conditioning vent and ran for my life! Hope this story was entertaining
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    double post
  3. highly entertaining.
  4. good cause that shit made my day
  5. Better hope they didn't catch you on camera
  6. nah most definately not, i wish you knew the town i lived in haha.
  7. dude crazy story

    Sucks about your buddy
  8. that's pretty funny

    but yea that does suck about your friend
  9. i thought it was pretty funny, that was a pretty satisfying smoke knowing what i went through to get it. Yah also pretty lame that they took my friend to jail for a DUI-Drugs which i didn't think nebraska even had.
  10. ahahahaha nice
  11. i thought it counted as epic in my mind, got my heart going at least. Mostly because the cop shot was across the street and my dumbass forgot the lights would turn on when i hopped in the car lol. It was still in the tow truck too.
  12. I would be buggin out tryin to get it back, I don't know the park but honestly that probably wasn't the best idea, if i'm ever in a car smoking, which i try to avoid, I always drive on back roads or whatever is very populated. Just my advice, crazy story none the less.
  13. yah i don't know why i would be in a state park without a state park sticker in the first place but if you knew the park and where i live it's pretty chill out there. I believe it counts as back roads. But i'm the same way i don't much enjoy being in a car or anywere that i'm not feeling completely safe and mellow.
  14. Lmao sounds like a solid movie screenplay
  15. Nice, glad you got your weed back.
  16. yai think i could spread that out over an hour and a half with some twists and turns and turn that shit into a screenplay

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