Got Thrown Out of A Store Today

Discussion in 'General' started by TLF1088, May 27, 2009.

  1. So, this happened hours ago but I'm still pissed off about it.

    I went to Newburry Comics (probably never heard of them unless you live in Ma.) to sell back some DVD's. I had three with me. The girl at the counter takes them, checks them and tells me one is too scratched to sell back and she can give me 4 dollars for the other two. Now, these were both expensive DVD's, and in good condition, I know a store has to make a profit but 2 dollars a piece? Rip off.

    So, she tells me that, and I say "Well I don't see how that movie can be too scratched, I bought it from this same store a week ago and only watched it once, other than that it's been in it's case."

    She gives me this pissed off look and in a bitchy voice goes "You know, you can just take back these other two if you want."

    So now I'm pissed at her rudeness and I say "Fine, I'm tired of getting ripped off here anyways."

    Then she flips her shit and starts screaming "Get out of the store, you're not welcomed here, leave before I call the police."

    I grabbed my DVD's and took off. I wanted to stick around and give her a piece of my mind but I knew that wouldn't do anything productive.

    I got her name though, I'm going to try and find the contact information and give the disrtict manager a call tomorrow. Of course I'm sure it won't do much good. Maybe she's had some other complaints against her though, I'd like to see the bitch fired.
  2. haha what a bitch, hope her ass gets canned, and then she might learn how to deal with customers properly
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    If it really happend that way, With no details left out, Thats jus fucked up.

    Call the police for what?

    I woulda told her to call the fuckin police.
  4. fuck that sucks what a bitch
  5. Yeah a large portion of the people who work at Newbury are hipster douchebags so it's no surprise.

    Just out of curiosity, what movies were you trying to sell?
  6. That's exactly how it happened, nothing left out. Which is exactly why I'm so angry about this. There was no reason for her to be rude and no reason for me to get thrown out of the store.

    Now I'm pretty stuck, because even though Newburry is a decent size chain, it has a lot of albums that aren't sold in places like Best Buy, Walmart, etc. And there are basically no independent music stores anywhere near my house.
  7. just report her. unless she is the manager im sure something can be done. esp if its a chain.

  8. Special Edition of Letters from Iowa Jima, American Gangster, and Sex Drive Unrated.
  9. Go back in there another day.

    What the fuck can she do?

    Tell you to leave? Boo-hoo.

    Go in and ask to talk to a manager.

    Tell him/her the deal.

    They NEED your bussiness.

    I wouldnt trip on it.

    But yeah that was real fucked up on her part.
  10. Dude i would have sat my ass right there and said "call the mother fuckin Police" and while your at it call the manager of this store to, Because i feel like im going to be posting Shit in the newspaper, The internet, And even around town about how rude you are and make this business hit rock bottom. So go ahead and kick me out, You wont lose just one customer, I gurantee it.
  11. Go on and write a bad review. Seriously, companies look at the reviews on that website. Countless times I've written a bad review about a store/restaurant and have either gotten a coupon or free shit. Complaining and telling everyone about their service (make sure you do it in a way that will allow them to see you spreading the word) is the best way to go about it, because honestly losing just your business probably wont matter, but losing a handful of customers will matter.
  12. Well, chances are she wont get fired unless there are a lot of complaints... but you know this.

    However, it's probably in her job description to clean up a big rack of cds if it were to happen to be incidentally knocked over. You can only fight a bitch with a bitch move.
  13. Don't be an ass.
    I would assume she was just having a bad day and we all know how hard it is to get a job in this economy so I strongly suggest letting the whole thing pass by.
  14. We all do have our bad days, I admit that. I'm sure if I make a complaint to her manager and this has been a one-time incident with her she won't get much more than a reprimand.

    If customers never reported bad incidents like this though think of the kind of service we would get in stores.

    I'm not being an ass at all.
  15. I hate dicks who work in department stores.

    I go to eb games and it was a couple months after my birthday and they give me shit like WOW this kid just barely made it, even though behind the desk lies a bunch of 30 year old nerds who get less women than an 18 year old who lives with his parents...
  16. What happened was extreme.

    If thats how you act when your having a bad day, Then somethings wrong with you.

    You dont fucking flip out on the customer, And deff dont telll them thier not welcome thier and threaten to call the police.

    Your supposed to make the customer happy.
  17. yeah but that could be a position for some who actually deserves it and treats others with respect.

  18. How was he being an ass? This shitty economy is the exact reason why she should do her a job better, some people are in dire need of a job...and she comes in with this attitude? Fuck that noise dude. I hope her ass gets canned, and some other deserve girl/guy gets the job. People have countless bad days, hell I've had my fair share...but I still go to work with a smile plastered on my face, and try to keep everyone satisfied. So no I could care less if she's having the crappiest day of her life, if I'm being a proper customer (not bugging them with a million questions, or hassling them over there return policy) I expect proper service.

  19. QFT

    sorry bro did not read your post, but that's what I exactly meant.
  20. ir you wanna really get to her and its a chain stroe write a letter hand written to the owner or contact the bbb

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